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    • World of Yaoicraft??

      This is one of the biggest and funnest addition, in my opinion, to ever be on Aarinfantasy. A lot of members enjoyed playing, teaming up with each other, planning events and discussing amongst each other in their social groups. It's one of the more enjoyable modification that I don't mind working on. However it was plagued with bugs at one point and became unplayable so it was shut down, and I wasn't here to fix it.

      Then the forum software went for a major code overhaul which made it incompatible unless a lot of time and dedication went into porting over the code. Plans were made but never carried out because of busy schedules and this piece of treasure was just buried deep in the dark.

      I am planning to port over this game and fix up the bugs. However, I cannot give you a time-frame since I don't know how much time is needed to convert and fix everything. I will post more when I start making some progress.
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      1. kriska22's Avatar
        kriska22 -
        Lemurian Elves! Yeah, this is really an awesome game that should be revived. It was really fun!
      1. fataltea's Avatar
        fataltea -
        I would totally love to see this game brought back. It was tons of fun to play with everyone, and a great way to meet new people. ^^ And if you want any help with the tedious code changes, I'm here too.
      1. lynixe's Avatar
        lynixe -
        go go

        this sounds fun
      1. tightgrip's Avatar
        tightgrip -
        Finally? Wow, thanks - canʻt believe this is happening.
        Though Iʻm not sure many are still active on AF and likely to come back.
      1. KadajChan's Avatar
        KadajChan -
        I am sooooo happy hearing this
      1. vizard light's Avatar
        vizard light -
        Looking forward to it
      1. laketica's Avatar
        laketica -
        oh so that's why people are talking about this in OHAF... omg... this is sooo gonna own up my whole life isn't it?!?!?!? oh god it looks adorable.
      1. Yuuri Kirito's Avatar
        Yuuri Kirito -
        I wasn't able to play this the last time. Hearing that it could be revived makes me so happy
      1. bronakopdin's Avatar
        bronakopdin -
        When I had the chance I never tried it and later I regretted it!
        If it really will be brought back that's just be awesome!!!
        thanks a lot Dai
      1. cloverer's Avatar
        cloverer -
        thank you for repairing it!!! i cant wait !!!!!!!!!
      1. migz's Avatar
        migz -
        heh, I'd also like to see it return, sadly I wont have the time to have a vital position like last time (kimlascan leader) but atleast I can be a smaller user this time XD
      1. Satomichan's Avatar
        Satomichan -
        This is the best news I've had all day!!
      1. laketica's Avatar
        laketica -
        Can I have a character that looks like Hibari? jk jk~~ kinda.
      1. GaBsY's Avatar
        GaBsY -
        Awsome! I was eager to play it, I joined the Lemurian Elves and the game was shut down not so long after so I couldn't fully experience it but I would definitely love to play it and see it revived!
        Thank you so much for deciding to bring it back to life!
      1. dzlifefighter's Avatar
        dzlifefighter -

        I have been waiting for this day for years!Literally years!

        Thankyou dai-kun!
      1. ClaireKaiba's Avatar
        ClaireKaiba -
        Woooohooo. Ahhh. I missed playing this soooo much. Thanks so much for fixing it. Good luck. We're rooting for you.
      1. sumire007's Avatar
        sumire007 -
        That's nice! I really wanted to play, just when it closed. BEfore that I was only a lurker in the forum and didn't really knew that WoY excised
        So I'm more excited to see how WoY looks like
      1. Puu's Avatar
        Puu -
        Looking forward to seeing this brought back too What kind of coding did it use? /curious

        I mean, since then I know I learned a bit about programming

        (Go go Kimlasca!)
      1. mermydgurl's Avatar
        mermydgurl -
        Oh my... I loved playing this so much! This is one of the best games ever, in my opinion! Thanks Dai-kun for not forgetting about it and for the update! Good luck with fixing everything!
      1. Blue-Jay's Avatar
        Blue-Jay -
        I was one of the fans, I'd love you forever if you could revive this, Dain-Kun-sama!