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    • World of Yaoicraft??

      This is one of the biggest and funnest addition, in my opinion, to ever be on Aarinfantasy. A lot of members enjoyed playing, teaming up with each other, planning events and discussing amongst each other in their social groups. It's one of the more enjoyable modification that I don't mind working on. However it was plagued with bugs at one point and became unplayable so it was shut down, and I wasn't here to fix it.

      Then the forum software went for a major code overhaul which made it incompatible unless a lot of time and dedication went into porting over the code. Plans were made but never carried out because of busy schedules and this piece of treasure was just buried deep in the dark.

      I am planning to port over this game and fix up the bugs. However, I cannot give you a time-frame since I don't know how much time is needed to convert and fix everything. I will post more when I start making some progress.
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      1. Lali's Avatar
        Lali -
        Ohhh O uO)b
      1. CrimsonCross's Avatar
        CrimsonCross -
        I wasn't around when it was out the first time so I'm pretty excited to see it when it makes a come back.
      1. gravitation's Avatar
        gravitation -
        *happy dance* why do i feel like i make happy dances a lot in the last time maybe it is a great year thx so much dai-kun big hugs from me to you i will sit here and wait thx again
      1. RyuuchiKiyu's Avatar
        RyuuchiKiyu -
      1. TwilightDawn's Avatar
        TwilightDawn -
        I never really played it when I first joined, but I look forward to trying it again.
      1. MsyisdaDJ's Avatar
        MsyisdaDJ -
        thank you @Dai-kun; it would be a honourd to play this game again
      1. trixilein's Avatar
        trixilein -
        Thank you Dai-kun!

        Whenever you have time... we will be looking forward to the return of the game!

        *goes to wake the Kimlasca kittens up*
      1. yaoiguy's Avatar
        yaoiguy -
        Wow, I never expected this to ever be back up again, I'll certainly look forward to more updates.
      1. Zetsuai's Avatar
        Zetsuai -
      1. Zxien's Avatar
        Zxien -
        Kekekekek mwuahahahaha...finally XD I look forward to the new game mechanics. Kimlasca will rule once again!
      1. KuroneShizuhi's Avatar
        KuroneShizuhi -
        My friend and I loved this game so much, we even wrote a story based on this! (and drew out a map of the world too!) Would be real happy to have this back again!
      1. starryyuriko's Avatar
        starryyuriko -
        Ooohhh..I hope it comes back! I really want to try it too! Good luck and thanks for all of your hard work.
      1. noone's Avatar
        noone -
        that would get me to come back once and for all instead of lurking from time to time... ah those raids...

        thank you for the hard work, dai-kun!
      1. RinaKpop's Avatar
        RinaKpop -
        Thank you for the hard work Dai-kun ^^ :3
        Hope it comes back ^^
      1. KawaiiThuggin's Avatar
        KawaiiThuggin -
        I really hope it does come back because I never got the chance to play it (due to me going to Japan and not having internet access for a while) and I was looking forward to playing it!
        Thank-you for the hard work you've put into!
      1. Ghrelin's Avatar
        Ghrelin -
        I've never heard of this game. What was it like? Was it like World of Warcraft in some way?
      1. NightFo's Avatar
        NightFo -
        Sound cool can't wait. :cheerleader:
      1. SayaAbyss's Avatar
        SayaAbyss -
        This is so exciting~
      1. ntximhlub's Avatar
        ntximhlub -
        Sounds FUN!
      1. NaokiYaooki's Avatar
        NaokiYaooki -
        Thank you for doing that. A dream is coming true