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    • Hardware Upgrade

      The server hardware was just recently upgraded to 16 GB of RAM from 8 GB. This means the database will load much faster and chances of receiving database errors are minimum. We were also able to reduce our monthly server cost.
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      1. bronakopdin's Avatar
        bronakopdin -
        very good! I assume this went hand in hand with the shortening of server backup time? great
      1. lemur7's Avatar
        lemur7 -
        that is excellent! ...the over server load will not only be reduced,query lines will be better handled....less stress= less heat=longer server hardware 'life' ...a win-win-win ...
      1. kinsugi's Avatar
        kinsugi -
        Wow, increasing memory sixteen-fold; that's huge! Thank you, Dai-kun, for your hard work keeping AF running smoothly!
      1. Blue-Jay's Avatar
        Blue-Jay -
        Hi Dai-kun, thanks for your hard work in making this place better.

        But I'm experiencing some bugs here today and some sections and features aren't working. Is this related to the upgrade or server maintenance? Or is it a halloween bug or something?
      1. kinsugi's Avatar
        kinsugi -
        I laughed when I read my earlier comment. These days there's no such thing as too much memory... I just increased RAM on both my old laptops to help counter the slower, more crowded Internet highway and can see the difference in performance!