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    • New Notifications System

      We have a new notifications system in place that will change how you will receive them. This will replace the current notifications system on the Members Box at the top of the forum.

      Major changes:
      • Instant Notifications
        • Every 60 seconds, the page checks for any new notifications and notifies you through a small unobtrusive popup message at the bottom of your current screen.

      • Global Notifications
        • Admins can set a global notification so any member browsing the forum can be up-to-date on important messages, such as server restarts and maintenance.

      • Bottom Bar Display
        • Notifications displayed in tab form at the bottom of the screen, which can be dismissed.

      • Customization
        • Set which notifications should show permanently on your notification bar.
        • Set which notifications you should receive.
        • Set the color you want notifications to show up as.
        • Set it all here!

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      1. Schneider's Avatar
        Schneider -
        hmm.. I don't really get it. Meaning if I haven't logged in for few days, all the notifications that pile up will show in bottom? Or I simply won't know about them because I wasn't online enough for the pop ups?


        Is it actually even working? I permanently enabled all notifications, and have nothing ticked for disable, my notification feature option is set to enable too. I just asked someone to send me a VM and I got no notification at all. Also, does this mean the notifications won't show in drop down anymore on top? Because that feature was compatible with tablets/phones and it's going to be a real pain if new feature doesn't work on them as lot of members are using android/iOS for surfing af.
      1. KadajChan's Avatar
        KadajChan -
        sch just said the thing I wanted to say I got no notification for my VMs too . should we go to the link that Dai-kun has put to set it up?
        I saw a little tab bar at the bottom of my AF page, that means we get Notifications this way now? (instead of the bar on the upside the forum) aah...I feel kinda stupid now XD
      1. daniyagami's Avatar
        daniyagami -
        I setted the notifications and made a test with a friend and I'm not getting any notifications.
      1. gollumsfriend's Avatar
        gollumsfriend -
        Just got here, haven't 'tested' or checked anything yet. But I do know that (besides Schneider) daniyagami and KadajChan have commented in this thread - but their comments aren't appearing in thread, only in the "Recent Comments" list on the right side of site page.
      1. KadajChan's Avatar
        KadajChan -
        when I logged in now there was a small tab box of notifications saying -notification- or some thing like that. I had a VM but won't there be specific notifications ? like different notifications for VMs or mentions or quotes (I hope I am not being vague or may be it works in a way I dunno )
      1. Dai-kun's Avatar
        Dai-kun -
        I reuploaded the files; seems like VM notifications are working now. The comments on the sidebar are cached for 1 min so it doesn't refresh till then.

        It should work on mobile phones. Pop-ups uses AJAX, not opening a new browser.
      1. lynixe's Avatar
        lynixe -
        tested and it worked a bit later

        not really 60 seconds

        and the colors are freaking awesome so bright

        i wonder if i can put hot bishi's as bg
      1. daniyagami's Avatar
        daniyagami -
        I have now a tab with buttons saying Unread Private Messages, Unread Visitor Messages and Friend Requests, all marked with zeros. This tab is going to be permanently fixed at the bottom of the page? Is there a way to make it not appear unless you have a notification? The tab is quite invasive.
      1. Dai-kun's Avatar
        Dai-kun -
        Yes dani, turn off permanent notifications. That option is only there for what exactly you are experiencing. In case people want to get to those places quickly through those tabs.

        You don't need to set them to permanent notifications. The tabs will be there always until your action made the pm or vm to READ, or if you X out the tab.
      1. daniyagami's Avatar
        daniyagami -
        Awesome, Dai-kun, they disappeared now. Thank you so much!
      1. lynixe's Avatar
        lynixe -
        hmm, seemingly the system cannot take more than one word

        colors option:
        one word and colors like red, blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, orange, black, white, gold, silver works

        more than one word like light pink will cause the system to go back to default

        interesting indeed

        however there is one option that i did not see any difference at all
        the background image button

        i chose a color but did not see it

        might just be a glitch though

        also, for anything not under permanent notification would not be color according to the background and text color but hover tab color?
      1. Dai-kun's Avatar
        Dai-kun -
        you can use html hex value colors, such as entering in #d1cfcf
      1. bronakopdin's Avatar
        bronakopdin -
        I didn't get a notification yet, let's see how this will go ^^
        nice idea! Though I hope I will get used to it soon

        totally unrelated: the colours of this whole section seem to be a little messed? At least the main BG is white for me (using dark theme) and the grey text can hardly be read for me, had to highlight it for better reading...
        th sidebar and comments section seem to work though

        here a screenshot
      1. Schneider's Avatar
        Schneider -
        It's not bad but it certainly isn't better, I'm sorry but I had to voice that out. It will take me some time to learn where to tap because the bar keeps randomly floating on the screen when scrolling. But I suppose that can't be helped, because unlike desktop tablet does't have taskbar. I'd better go and change the colors to something...black.
      1. bronakopdin's Avatar
        bronakopdin -
        in the meantime I got some and yeah changing colour was neccessary
        surely need to get used to it though

        since I'm only on my laptop I didn't experience scrolling trouble's yet, will check it out next time I get one!
      1. GaBsY's Avatar
        GaBsY -
        Ah and here I was wondering why I didn't receive any notifications
        Thanks for the update
      1. bronakopdin's Avatar
        bronakopdin -
        it seems the new added notification for new rep comments do not show with the new system though

        not that it matters much just wanted to mention it
      1. izumi55's Avatar
        izumi55 -
        this is really help me so much!! Thanks for the upgrade
        good job ^^b
      1. mommidono's Avatar
        mommidono -
        I really like this notification system & the navigation box is wonderful!