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  1. issueid=873 10-01-2021 01:26 AM
    Extreme Yaoi Guru
    [really minor] card display/inventory order
    when receiving new cards

    This is a really minor issue and simply for convenience
    before when one received new cards regardless of gifted or bought it would show on the 7th place in the inventory so to not "disrupt" the displayed cards under people's usernames.
    As most people I love the new feature of being able to show 9 instead of 6 cards now!
    Though as a result any time I get a new card I now have to go to my inventory to rearrange my card display.

    I was just wondering if the feature could be adjusted to line new cards in on the 10th place now to avoid this?

    As I said it's really nothing important but rather me being lazy and used to convenience

    I'd appreciate it nevertheless
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