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  1. issueid=862 12-04-2018 02:12 PM
    Extreme Yaoi Guru
    unable to make several posts / post delay?
    10 seconds rule made 17,000 seconds?

    Hey there!

    it's basically what I wrote in the subtitle, the forum forbid me to make another post in a different thread with different content (if any of the info is relevant)

    I retried a few times, also closing the tab and open a new one didn't help.
    But when I completely closed my browser and went back to the thread after reopening it worked again.

    It might have been a one time thing but recently I often had "lagging" when I tried to post sth, then the forum asked me if I want to "leave the site" and when I clicked yes my post appeared as a "double post" (with the "added to the post" notification within one post) so I wondered if it was connected?

    edit: just saying this happens randomly at all times of the day, not in the backup times

    for the fun of it I calculated that 17k seconds are close to 5h

    I just thought I'd rather mention these issues just in case
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