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  1. issueid=854 01-05-2018 11:17 PM
    Yaoi Lover
    Group Pictures
    not working or I'm too stupid


    I can't seem to be able to upload any pictures to groups.
    I get to the uploader, select which pic I want, it tells me to give a description on the group page, I click save changes and.... white page. Pure white. Nothing else.
    Refresh does nothing, back arrow just sends me back to the group page.
    When I click on "add photos" again it shows me that pic as pending, but when I try to tell it to save it does the same thing again.

    I did some digging in the forum and came across two old bug reports Clicky and Clicky.
    I made sure the pic had the right extension and everything, still not working. Tried uploading it to my gallery first, still not working.
    Tried two different pictures, one .jpg and one .png, same thing.

    I know that Kealyan is having the same problem, she was the one that made me aware of the issue in the first place.

    Again, might just be my fault for missing something but would appreciate some feedback.
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