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  1. issueid=841 10-18-2016 12:25 PM
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    Make download section Public
    but hide download links


    I wanted to know what's your views on making the forum sections dealing with downloads searchable by search engines and public viewable, but the actual links to download should be hidden and require sign up (and perhaps minimum 10 posts?) to view. I saw many forums doing this and I believe it does bring traffic because when someone searches a particular title on search engine, they get directed to the site if their section is public. I believe AF has a huge database of amazing titles, and many dedicated uploaders so overall my assumption is that we have a lot of content but not enough traffic viewing that content because perhaps they don't know it's available here? I don't know the uploaders sentiments on this and issues with licenses etc. to make forum public so I'm not absolutely insisting this HAS to be done, but just throwing it out here to consider and perhaps discuss. Maybe there can be an opinion/voting thread for some time for uploaders to share their view if they would be comforable with something like this?

    Thank you.
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