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    Custom Setting Issues in Profile Page
    Profile page custom settings not saving


    I’m having trouble customizing my profile page. It mainly has to do with trying to upload a custom background, in the “Page Background” section/text box, using an image hosting site, and changing the font style.

    With the page background problem, I am able to put the URL image link and save it in the “Page Background” text box with no problem. In fact, the image even shows up in the background when I save it. But as soon as I refresh my browser or leave the forum, only to visit later or something, my saved image is gone and nothing is there. And in the place where the URL link used to be, is now nothing but the word “transparent” in “Page Background” text box. I have tried using different web browsers (Chrome, Firefox) and different image hosting sites in hope to fix this, but I get the same problem.

    As for changing the font styles, I am having the same problem. The font does visually change at the time I save it, but as soon as I refresh the browser, the font goes back to its default setting of Times New Roman.

    So, I guess in short, some of the custom settings aren’t staying saved when you customize your profile page.

    Below, are screen shots of before and after of what I see when I put the URL image link in the Page Background text box.


    After (if I refresh the browser or leave the forum and come back)

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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