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Issue: Onion Heads

  1. issueid=820 01-06-2016 06:53 PM
    Yaoi Lover
    Onion Heads

    Just a quick question (or rather a few) to see if it would be possible / desired.
    As I spend more and more time on the forum I notice that most people just LOVE Onion Heads. I recently discovered that there are actually a lot more than what we currently have on the site (in the smiley section).

    Would it be possible to add more to that? How much work would that mean for the admins? Can we use them even if they don't show up on the smiley section / preview? (I don't mean via the "add picture" function).

    Would people even want more?
    Could we add others? (like different themed ones - not sure about the name - something like cat smiley etc.)
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