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  1. issueid=793 04-12-2015 12:44 AM
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    Changing rule from max 5 posts a day
    introductions thread rule - limiting each user to 5 posts a day

    There is currently a rule that limits each user to 5 posts a day in the introductions section, where we welcome newcomers. This was mainly put in place because people were posting there to boost their post count back in the day... but with forum activity as it is, I think it'd be nice to increase that post limit, so that people have the option of posting more than 5 times... maybe 10 times a day?

    This impacts those of us who don't check the introductions thread regularly. When I do, I would like to welcome people without worrying too much about going over the post count... and I can easily go over 5 in a day because I don't check on a regular basis, so I end up welcoming like, a month's worth of people all at once. =x (I know, I know. My bad!)

    So... all I'd like is... maybe... max 10 posts a day instead of 5?

    What do other people think? ^^;
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