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  1. issueid=764 04-27-2014 06:56 AM
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    Stop New Forum Posts Preview From Showing Spoiler Tagged Text

    This is just something I noticed. But since the preview bar showing latest threads, blog posts and new forum posts show the preview in text format (like showing the codes for the smileys not the cute smileys), it also shows any text that has been tagged as a spoiler. So you try your best to hide stuff that might spoil a series for someone else, but in the side bar on the main forum page, all of that info is readable in plain text if your post is among the latest three posts.

    I just wanted to point this out even though I don't know if there have ever been any complaints about this. Of course it would be better to have spoiler tagged text remain hidden from view and only viewable when clicking the spoiler tag in the actual post. So, my suggestion is to implement this somehow.

    Like I said, this might not be something people complain about and therefore not a top priority thing, but it is something that might improve the forum in the long run. Anyway, keep up the good work Aarin team!
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