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  1. tina21
    Here you can talk about the Dark Hunter books and various oneshots from anthologies

    Have fun!
  2. tina21
    HOORAY!!! No Mercy is released TODAY!!
  3. tina21
    I was always wondering... since Artemis won't feed from Acheron anymore, will she still have his powers in her? meaning will she keep making Dark Hunters?
  4. Aeli
    i love the dark hunter books i have everyone! i dont know if artimis still has ash's powers to make dark hunters probally not though,artimis is feeding from nick now. i read No Mercy in one day and it was great!
  5. tina21
    @Aeli thank you for the pics

    OH DAMN! I always thought Remi was plain crazy but damn...!!! Poor guy!

    EDIT: I'm all for Urian x Davyn!!
  6. angyal
    And I don't understanmd anything...
    That's what you get for going on vacation when a book is released. Now the book is lying somewhere in my neighbour's house and of course said neighbopur is not at home...
    *considers a break-in*
    Guess I'll have to wait until I can find out. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighs*
  7. tina21
    I was listening to the Night Pleasures audio book, and I listened to the Apollo Version of the destruction of Atlantis, so I was wondering, after the whole ordeal in Talon's book, or even after, have Acheron told them who in reality destroyed Atlantis...

    Do the rest of the DHs and the ones that "turned" know about the Atlantean Pantheon or any other pantheon than the Greek -obviously since Artemis turned them- and from the one they were born into? I mean the Celtian, the Sumerian, the Scandinavian and whatever other religions came afterwards?

    I think that they mustn't know, since if they knew wouldn't they have known about Demons, sooner than Sin's book?

    Seriously being a DH living for centuries and centuries shouldn't they have done some re-search?
  8. Aeli
    they would of known more about atlantis but ash always kepted stuff like that to himself afraid of wat they would say about him, they probally didnt do much research cause the DH trusted ash that they didnt really question him awhole lot. thats just wat i got out of reading all the books and given ash's past i dont blame him for not telling them about himself or anything.
  9. tina21
    I'm listening to Seize the Night audiobook and there was this part were Stryker says somethings about Marissa, how Apollymi wants her 'cos she's the last fate and the world fate's is in her hands... So I was wondering (never mind that another last fate is Acheron too), it was said that Nick's future was to be with Tia before Acheron changed it in "Seize the Night"... we also know that Nick's fate would prolly change 'cos he is a Malachai (can't remember if his power would have awoken either way)...

    But I was wondering if there was a possibility of Nick actually hooking up with Marissa (after she grows up of course)... I mean Nick tries to not be evil incarnated and Marissa as a last fate... it seems like a probable scenario
  10. angyal
    Kyrian would be delighted...
    ANd Ash would have another reason to hate him.
    Ayayay. If you are right this is going to be really interesting.
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