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  1. Shanni
    Guide to the Quest System

    *~ All Optional tasks are worth 1000 points each! When reporting the optional tasks, please state which quest it is under and how many you did...IE. 2 optional task under Quest 2.

    *~Once your kouhai has been deemed a graduate, he/she can no longer receive points for anymore quest completions

    *~Check below for the official Quest List that is to be completed in order!
  2. Shanni
    Quest 1 - The First Steps - 4000 points

    Task 1:
    Befriend Your Senpai

    Your kouhai should add you to the friend's list. Tell the kouhai that by doing this, she/he might be able to see things they couldn't see before. For example, picture albums.

    Task 2:
    Choose an Avatar and Add Something in your Signature

    This should let your kouhai explore the user panel a little bit. Show them how to add an avatar (this much you are allowed to hint), and the section to default avatar. They can add they're own avatars too! As long as they have one, they can get the points.

    Task 3:
    Changing Aarinfantasy theme

    A lot of people don't know about the Changing Theme feature that Aarinfantasy features! Let them change their theme and ask them which one they like best.

    Quest 2 - Getting to Know the Forums - 6000 points

    Task 4:
    Bank system

    Tell them a little bit about the banking system and how to earn points! Explain the differences of Saving and Checking account. Tell them about the activitiy points and explain how to send points to other people. Have them transfer points to their saving account or out of it to see if they understood everything.

    Task 5:
    Using the forum's Search Function to search for something

    Give your kouhai something to search in the forum, and tell them how to use the Search function in the forum. If you can, ask them to search using the Advanced Search.

    Task 6:
    Discuss about an anime you like in the General Anime Discussion area

    Just check their post in the General Anime Discussion Area.

    Task 7:
    Customizing a post of yours

    You can do this in our AarinBuddy Chat Thread in the General Chat section. There are many functions to customize your posts. Feel free to try each of them! You can customize your font or illustrate your emotions with onion head smilies. There are tools below the type box, like the option to “Subscribe to Thread” or--if you’re a thread starter “Add a Poll to this Thread”. You can also attach a smilie to your post and name your posts. Before you post, you can even preview your post with the preview button~

    Task 8:
    Do a quick read of the Main Forum Rules (TOS)

    Read the rules and report to your senpai what rule you may have broken had you not read the rules.

    Join a contest in the Contest section

    Tell them all about the contest section and how you can earn many points there! They probably won't qualify for most of the contests, so tell them about the giveaways instead This contest is optional, as there are only grahpic contests sometimes.

    Subscribe to a thread

    Tell them to subscribe to a thread they want to follow--a very useful tool in the forum.

    Optional: Mention your senpai and get mentioned in return
    Explain them how to use mentions and mention them so they can see the notification and know where to look for the mention tab.

    Quest 3 - Getting to Know Your Forumners - 6000 points

    Task 9:
    Come to the AarinBuddy Chatroom

    The chatroom is always filled with people! Be expected for a warm greeting. Make your temporary name your forum name. If it is taken than you can name yourself something else. If you like it there, register with Chatango to become a regular! Chatango: AarinBuddy Chat

    Task 10:
    Chat with your peers in the AarinBuddy Chat Thread by making a post

    There are many people subscribed to this thread, so if you have questions, you can ask here. If it’s your first time, you can just say hi and introduce yourself. Don’t be shy!

    Task 11:
    Introduce yourself in the Introduction Area

    If you haven’t done this already, do it It’s a very good way to meet new people.

    Task 12:
    Comment on a fellow Aarin member’s Location via VM (visitor message).

    It can be anything! Some people have the most random things in their location box. There will be more than 10 people that reply to your Introduction page. You can pick somebody and VM them.

    Task 13:
    VM another new member (not yet associated with the AarinBuddy Sytem)and befriend them~

    It’s easy to find another new member! Just look in the Introduction Thread~ Explore the forum together.

    Task 14: VM another kouhai in the AarinBuddy System and befriend them~

    You can find another kouhai by coming into the chatroom or by looking through the sign-up thread for new members in the Introduction section of the forum.

    Quest 4 - Attacking it Head First - 5000 points

    Task 15:
    Customize your profile

    Customizing a profile can be a heavy task. As I had trouble with it first time around too. Tell them that they have to upload the profile customization pictures in a specific album that is designated for profile customization only. They can find this option when they first create the album.

    Task 16:
    Make another friend on Aarin, befriend them too!

    Making other friends other than the senpai is important! A good place to go is the Aarin Buddy chat thread that has regular chatters everyday! Ask the kouhai who they added, and confirm.

    Task 17:
    Comment on a picture you like in the Aarinfantasy Gallery

    Have the kouhai link you to the comment, and just check it over.

    Make a wishlist

    Have the kouhai make a wishlist in the Wishlist Thread. Have them link you there. Tell your kouhai that they can put the thread link in their Signatures and on their Wishlist in their profile.

    Quest 5 - Preface of Branching Out - 6000 points

    Task 18:
    Read an One-Shot fiction in the Fictions section and make a thorough comment.

    Check their comment.

    Task 19:
    Visit the One Stop Shop, and link to a post of a sig you really liked

    Have them link you the sig they really like...it has to be the post that it was in, in the One Stop Shop.

    Task 20:
    Go to the Exhibition Hall and link to a post of an orignial art you really liked.

    Check their comment.

    Task 21:
    Download something small from the download section.

    Check the post that they downloaded from.

    Task 22:
    Make another friend on Aarin, befriend them too!

    Ask your kouhai to get more aggressive and make another friend! You only have to do ONE of the Quest 6’s. You can do them all for additional points, but it’s optional.

    Quest 6A - Branching Out (Graphic Artist) - 10000 points

    Task 23:
    Make yourself a set and wear it.

    This task may be very hard to some people. So you can offer your help, and not just hinting. This can introduce some people to a whole new program, like Photoshop! They can use Paint too. They don't have to wear it for a long time, just check that they did

    Task 24:
    Bid at an auction (within price range).

    Have them bid at an auction, they don't have to win. Just bid. Give them a little taste of bidding fun!

    Task 25:
    Choose a sig you think looks great, and VM praises to the user.

    Have the kouhai link you to the VM post.

    Quest 6B - Branching Out (Fiction Writer) - 10000 points

    Task 26:
    Write a story or one-shot.

    You can beta read their story~ Be their first reader and supporter. Since writing is a difficult task, give them the right amount of support they need!

    Task 27:
    Read another story or one-shot and give a thorough comment of it.

    Check their comment.

    Task 28:
    Praise the author about it in her VM.

    Check their VM.

    Quest 6C - Branching Out (File Uploader) - 10000 points

    Task 29:
    Read the Download section rules for Uploading.

    Just have them scan over it, and get the rules that are most important. Tell them that it is also polite to Thank the person who you downloaded the file from.

    Task 30:
    Upload something that isn't already available.

    Tell them where this upload should go. If it is yaoi, it goes in the yaoi download section, if it isn't, it goes in the other download section.

    Quest 6D - Branching Out (Artist) - 10000 points

    Task 31:
    Draw something and upload in the Original Art section.

    Discover a hidden talent!

    Task 32:
    Choose an art you really like and VM praises to it's artist.
    Check their VM.

    Quest 7 - Getting Active is the Beginning - 6000 points

    Task 33:
    Start a blog.

    Be the first to stalk his/her blog! XD Your kouhai is not forced to write more than one entry. This is just tells them about the option of the blog.

    Task 34:
    Buy a LV 1 card

    A self reward! Check that they bought a LV 1 card.

    Task 35:
    Join a social group with 50+ people

    Recommend them several groups to join, that are relatively active. If they are already in a 50+ social group. Get them to join another one!

    Task 36:
    Play a game in the General Chat section

    Check their post. Recommend them several games ;D

    Task 37:
    Rep your senpai

    This tells them about the repping system. Have them find your post in the Aarinfantasy Buddy System thread in the One Stop Shop using the Advanced Search function. The kouhai will rep that post instead of finding a random post to rep.

    Leave a feedback or suggestion in the Question, Feedback, and Suggestion thread.

    You can locate the thread in the AarinBuddy Quest System social group.
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