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  1. MysteryGreenTea
  2. MysteryGreenTea
  3. Ambar
    Sumire007, you are my new heroine, I havenĀ“t seen that Halloween sequel anywhere. You really made my day. Thank you.
  4. MysteryGreenTea
  5. sumire007
    In the nihonomaru forum are 2 new Meiden rose things! Nikukyuu Techou 3 is a Dj with chibi chapters which were released before, and Hana Aya is a sketch book in wich sensei also tell us how she works
    YOu can download it here!
  6. MysteryGreenTea
  7. sumire007
    Hello^^ So if you read the Dj by ~rans from DeviantArt before and asked yourself if she ever continues, I can give you a good news! She's back, and will continue with the story
    If you still haven't read it, do it now! ~click~ She has a great style and the story is very good til now

    The second news is, a very nice person posted on nihonomaru scans which never was shared
    It contains a chibi story of MR and 2 storys which sensei tells something I'm sorry I can't understand Japanese
  8. MysteryGreenTea
  9. MysteryGreenTea
  10. sumire007
    Sry that I didn't keep you updated like always

    In these last months there where a lot releases!
    First there's a few Tiger and Bunny Dj's^^
    -"To Megatherion" until now 4 releases plus one extra (in nihon forum available)
    -"Butlers and Bunny" (in nihon forum available)
    -I think at least 3 chapters of "Hari no Hana" since my last post here (in nihon forum available)
    -I think One chapter of "Code: Leviathan" scanlated by DP
    -A new project called "Ao no Souyoku" (a josei manga, so no bl but still worth to read it!) scanlated by Crimson Flower scanlations
    -A cute short chibi Dj of Maiden Rose "Okobore Sairoku-cho II" (in nihon forum available)

    As for a new chapter of Maiden Rose...
    She said that there will be first the release of Vol. 3 before a new chapter comes out, but an official release date is still unknown...

    I hope I didn't forgot something
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