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Your favorite Vitas songs

  1. Blind_Kira
    Share with us your Vitas favs, exchange opinions, make recommendations ^__^
  2. Blind_Kira
    So, I will start. I really, really love "Smile", it does make me smile, no matter how dark and gloomy I might be feeling for whatever reason. I also really, really love the songs from his new album, like "Love me", or "Say you love me", and most of all, "I have never loved you". They're so great!!
    Among my top favs are also "Someone else's melancholy is crying", "Lie ciocarlie"- it's a song in my native language, and he sings it so very beautiful xDDD-, Telo, Mama, and others.

    with him, it's hard to pick some out of all of them, he does these amazing things...everything he sings works out like a charm, he's that good
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