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Introductions xD~

  1. Blind_Kira
    Come on, don't be shy, introduce yourself to the rest of us, Vitas fans xDD
    I am Kira, and I <3 Vitas's voice (plus he's kind of very cute too, to top it off) ^__^
    Nice to know you all xDD~
  2. DieTemplerin
    I am Templerin and you just gave my a new obsession
    I am listening to his songs again^^
  3. Blind_Kira
    I am so very happy to have tempted you into the Vitas-loving family you gotta love him once you've heard him, that's what I say xDDD

    I'm very happy to have you here feel free to tempt others as well xDDD there's always room for more in our family xD
  4. DieTemplerin
    I buied my first Vitas CD today
    Hearing it again and again
    And I hope I can tempt many others. He needs some love
  5. Blind_Kira
    congrats, sweety it tends to have that effect, doesn't it? making you want to listen to it again and again and again...

    he should get all the love in the world he sure gets mine, i can tell you that much xDDD
  6. DieTemplerin
    I recived my first Vitas DVD today. That made me really happy. I hope you donĀ“t mind me sharing my happines with you
    And try not to get a heart attack over it.
  7. Blind_Kira
    Iiiiih, you did? Which one is it? Omg I'm so happy for you
  8. DieTemplerin
    Thank you
    And the concert is marvelous
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