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  1. rebeccayaoifan
    Hello everyone, my name is Griselle Rebecca Sakura Nanami. I just noticed I'm a big clamp anime fan, since the first clamp anime I've seen was "Cardcaptor Sakura". I'm also a big yaoi fan
  2. bookimp
    I've always known I was a Clamp fan ever since I found a Sumi Keiichi artbook. CCS was also my first Clamp anime, I'm not as fond of Chobits or MKR but love xxxHolic, CCS, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, X... probably some others I'm not thinking of too. And since I qualify as a yaoi fan girl... what could be more natural than a Clamp yaoi fangirl?? (In addition to other series... I will admit I'm not dedicated just to Clamp)
  3. BlackRoseNight
    When I first saw CCS I knew that I'm a big Clamp fan. I began to watch xxxHolic, Tsubasa Chronicles, X and Tokyo Babylon.
  4. rhainus
    Hello there X1999 fanatics! This is one anime I'm really hooked at ever since I found out about this in an anime magazine about 8 years ago, and now I'm still addicted to it! I love the way some of the characters were entwined with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, another CLAMP series I am hooked to, especially the vampire twins, Kamui and Subaru.

    Rock on!
  5. wobert
    50 members! come on x 1999 fans!
  6. OttyAngel
    Hiiii!!! I'm a big fun of X and CLAMP!!! X is my fave manga!!! I love too much KamuixFuuma and SubaruxSeishirou; I started to read it when I was 14 and never stopped! I still read it now when I feel nostalgic.
    I'd like too much to read the end of X but I know that for now it's possible like to find Atlantis
  7. teshuchuan
    Hi! Just joined today! Love fuuma n kamui the star cross lover the best out of all clamp works! echoing OttyAngel I've been waiting for x clamp ending for since forever...
  8. Lysian
    Fuuma as both kind, and evil kind, because even as he was evil, he was kind, melt my heart, Clamps does a lot of tear jerky moment through. The whole twin star thing, was a mind twist, not to mention the other couples that got invole
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