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Feedback (AKA: criticism)

  1. DaemonDragon
    Can I please have some feedback on a sig I made? I used PS 5 and a tablet. 2 smudge layers with clipping mask, corves adjustment layer brushes and fractal overlay

  2. Flei
    Maina: First off, nicely done! I'm really loving how the sig looks. <3 As for your questions~
    Yes, the bg works very well with the pic.
    And no, it's not too cluttered. It's the opposite, actually (at least in my opinion).

    I'd suggest adding more elements to the sig. Maybe some brushwork/patterns/other textures? Nt too much, just to spice things up. But even if you don't, the sig looks great. The coloring job is fantastic, btw. I think it comes down to a matter of opinion on what should or shouldn't be added because you've obviously got the gist of what makes a nice sig.

    DaemonDragon: I see you used mainly 2-3 colors only for the sig; that can be a pretty hard look to pull off, so I'd suggest you stick to using colorful images and build up from there. Was the original pic in b&w? Because original b&w pics/starting by making your pic b&w with the intention to add color is one of the more difficult ideas to work with.

    Good work with the smudging! <3 But I think more brushes/textures should be used. Also, fractals set on overlay tend to give the sig a 'burned' look; if you're gonna use overlay with fractals, it's best to lower the opacity a lot.

    The sig looks pretty. All you need to do is spiff it up. =D
  3. Maina
    @Flei: Thank you so much for taking the time to write your feedback!
    After leaving it for a few days, it does look like it needs that little bit extra. I might experiment with some C4Ds and adding some brushwork to see how that goes. For some reason I didn't really think about adding brushwork to it, I was fixated on finding the right textures for the background it just slipped my mind. And also I don't really know what to do, guess I'll find out by messing around in Photoshop! Again, thank you very much!
  4. 888
    Okay, so this was my entry for Chizumi's GFX Contest, but it wasn't that great

    After a while, I started to feel unhappy with it. And now that I'm out of the contest, I wanted to try and make it better, and I think I succeeded. Anyone have any advice or comments to help me out here?

  5. Halite75
    I would suggest making the border less bold--it kind of distracts from the main image in the siggy. The text for the quote could be improved--it just doesn't look right to me. I think if I were putting that quote on a sig, I would not have all the text the same size. Experiment with font sizes and using things like all caps or small caps on some words....
  6. DaemonDragon
    Thanks, Flei, for the helpful critique
    The pic was originally bluish black and white, so yea.
  7. Flei
    Maina & DaemonDragon: No problem! Glad that I was able to help. =D
  8. Wasabi2001
    Since I am a thick head beginner I need all the guidance I can get....

    I'll leave just this one, cause this one was the 1st I made so....yeah.
  9. BeArOcKpRiNxEsS
    Ahh.. I'm not a critic.. so I can't really help you out there. I'm also a beginner myself, so I can't really say something..helpful. XD.

    Latest edit of mine when there was no internet connection:

    Critics? >///<
    ( Blue much.. /sigh )
  10. Halite75
    @Wasabi That is a lot of images to ask for feedback on. Maybe someone else is up to it.

    @BeArOcKpRiNxEsS The background looks like it could use more splashes of pink/yellow so that your render will blend into the background better. The right side where you have the username looks kind of empty--like there should be a quote/word there or something. The top and bottom border you are using feels "off" to me for this sig.
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