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What make glasses so smexy and sexy ???

  1. natchi
    Im sorry everyone, I been absent for a long time.....m(_ _)m
    since, there's just threat about introduction at here, I make threat about megane discussion.
    I became curious, why megane (galsses) can so smexy and sexy ???
    It's just a glasses !!!! 1 pair of glass, I mean....
    but, it can make a guy became so Hot !!!!
    I do not understaind it , but still.....fall in megane's trap....
    What about you ?? how about you think ???
  2. shinemoonmine
    I really don't know How but they are sooooo
  3. natchi
    I dont know why too...>///<;;;;;
    at first, I just like glasses guy with square type ( I mean, the glasses one).ahh..just like Kichiku megane's glass.
    but now....I LOVE ALL OF THEM !!!!
    round type, old type, sunglass type....all of them !!!!
  4. shinemoonmine
    please don't sayanything or.... *blood come out*
  5. natchi
    = =
  6. shinemoonmine

    Oh please.... please

    close his Eyas he look at mee make him stop please
  7. ShamelessFan
    I can't quite say its everyone's reason but I have to say, I love to put glasses on a guy just so that they can be taken off!!!!
  8. Perseankkuri
    If I had to analyze this, I suppose they give the guy a sense of intelligence and mysteriousness. Which is totally sexy.
  9. FujoshiFTW
    Most megane danshi are usually sexy and smart, which is totally my type; therefore I'm&nbsp;obsessed&nbsp;with glasses like this XD It's always a pity if they take it off though. I still don't know why XD It's like when they take their glasses off their outward appearance does down the list or something :L
  10. zymiko
    well...thats true.Ill date someone with glasses...haha...theres something bout them making it unable to resist...
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