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Do you have they fallow you?

  1. mekiYuichi
    Well, ok. if you have imaginary Soubi and Ritsuka (fallowed by The Host club people -its a another anime if you dont know- and Yuki & Shuichi) but people going to school like host club people and Ritsuka, they fly back to Japan everyday to go to school and fly back, dont ask me. And Soubi fallows me to school and annoys me to DEATH!

    he acts out the WHOLE class.....yep and when i laugh i get stared at....

    how bout you??? that ever happen to you?
  2. Vandriel
    If I was ever so lucky to have someone like Soubi follow me D:
  3. Sessinara
    I want Soubi to follow me! >v<
  4. ntximhlub
    If it's only a dream, then I want to keep dreaming and see what Soubi will do with me.
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