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Another petition spot for 4th season if you don't know

  1. t1774ny
  2. cyclops
    really....well i hope they release it..i luv this series
  3. Sessinara
    I can't cause I'm not on facebook... but I don't want to join there...sry but I want a 4th season, too...ó.ò
  4. Saiyaa
    aghhhhhhhhhhh i so want the forth season
  5. Xenan276
    I'll sign it! I want a fourth season too! I want Yuuri and Wolfram to become more romantically involved! lol
  6. bijouflower
    We must spread the word on diff sites too!! cause this shiz IS happening!!
  7. Adrian76
    LOL 4th season!! Is there gonna be one?? Cant wait to watch !
  8. Winx402
    I want season 3 and 4!!!! season three is only online in japanese and it's not liscenced in america and the dvd in japanese for season 3 only works in japan!!! season 3 season4 season 3 season 4!!!!
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