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Manga or Anime?

  1. UkairiRitsuka
    Do you perfer the Manga of DeathNote or the Anime?
  2. Mauw
    I never bought the manga cause the only place i could buy them was in france T-T but then they where all france! and i cant speak that language T-T

    so i prefer the Anime XD
  3. IloveLfromDN
    I only watched the anime...so I prefere it ^^ but when I'll have some free time I'll read the manga and maybe change my mind but it's so hard to see L's death again ;( oh by the way...I new in this group ^^ so hello ^^
  4. gollumsfriend
    I have to admit to only watching the anime. I've only read volume one of the manga, because it was included with my DVD.

    I've always meant to read it, just haven't yet. The same thing happened with FMA (watched series, then read manga), and I didn't like that manga anywhere close to the anime....in fact, I stopped around chapter 82.

    So, I've shyed away from the DN manga, because I don't want to dislike it. Weird, I know. That's just me!
  5. Satomichan
    I have only read the manga. I have intentions of downloading the anime and checking it out. One the things I have heard from people who have done both is that some of the psychological stuff that is explained in the manga isn't quite portrayed in the anime. The manga is very text heavy, but it was awesome. I wasn't too keen on how it ended, but maybe because I expected more from Light.
  6. yawwii
    I read the manga online and have book 1,2,5,8, & 10 ^^
    I can only find (okay havent searched that hard :/) the anime in FRENCH.
    I suck at french :P
    the anime is really good, but it misses/adds important parts, and I prefer the ending in the manga but, in the anime RIGHT at the end light sees L so that's just like AAAAAAAAAA KAWAIIIII, :3 so both ^^.
    Also the films are GREAT.
    it got me into it in the first place.
    mostly L.
    I was watching and light was there & i was like, yeah he's quite cute, hmm really smart I like him... first shot of L...*fallen off chair on floor with intense nosebleed from the sight of him.* so through the movie I REALLY wanted L & Light to get together, its actually the reason i joined Aarinfantasy and the ending in that is good too, :/ hmmmm. but no near/mello/matt in the films :/.... Manga best ^^
  7. Erian
    @yawwi: woah gotta thank the filmmakers then ^^ Did you watch "L change the World" too?

    okay back to the topic; I can't really choose between the manga and anime, the both excelled in different aspects, though L's death was way more dramatic in the anime and it gave me time to cry so if I really have to choose I guess it'd be the anime. reluctantly though :P
    I've got all the volumes exept volume 13 *sniffles* and I still gotta read Death Note: Another Note
    does anyone know were that's for sale?
  8. Magamish
    Far prefered the manga, simply because it was less...melodramatic feeling (can't be helped with that music lol), and I prefer the terseness of the manga. And it's original ending, ha. The anime is quite good in it's own right, but I just simply preferred reading the world of Death Note as a medium.
  9. WantSome
    Hi guys!
    I've only watched the Anime and I loved it. I imagine the manga must be quite text heavy, as Satomichan says above, because there's a lot of introspection going on in the anime.
    Also, if you're interested, the dubbed AND subbed versions are both available on Youtube (or they were in January when I watched the whole series for the second time).
    I will eventually read the manga, there's just other manga I want to read first.
    For those of you in the UK, the manga is available at Waterstones and BooksEtc.
  10. shanna261
    I prefer the anime being half blind has its set backs
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