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  1. Tsukuyomi_Amaterasu
    Ick >< I still won't let me do it.. RAWR!

    Ohhh :3 I like the cover for the Japanese reload alot better than the English! >D They look soo spiffy!
  2. Sanzo~ryu
    @Tsukuyomi_Amaterasu: If you have pictures in an album you need to click on a picture, that will make it the only picture you see. At the bottom of the picture to the right it says add to group. Select that option then the group and it should work.
  3. Tsukuyomi_Amaterasu

    It's odd that it wouldn't work a few days ago when I tried to get it to work >< Thank you for the help ^^" I hope I can find more pictures soon since i can post them up now :3 >D
  4. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    Hakkai + youkai form = YUM! I love that picture and that part in the manga. Oh, and that Hakkai...I mean ice cream...yeah, that looks yummy too. Thanks Tsukuyomi_Amaterasu for the pics.
  5. Sanzo~ryu
    Nice new pics. Thanks Tsukuyomi_Amaterasu
  6. argona
    hello everyone!
    I'm new!my favorite pairs are goku x sanzo and gojyo x hakkai!
    I love saiyuki
  7. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    Hello argona. Those are my favorite pairs too! But what do you think about youkai Hakkai x Gojyo? *evil grin*
  8. Emily84
    Hi guys!! I'm adding this pic of Gojyo and Hakkai cause they are my favorite guys from Saiyuki!!! *love*
  9. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    @Emily84: Hello! Thanks for the pic!

    Ok everyone, I was wondering...Who do you think is the best bad guy (or girl) from Saiyuki? I have to pick Nii Jenyi because he is always up to no good, involved in everything, and he's flat out creepy. So what do you think?
    mmmmmmm I LOVED SAIYUKI!!!
    question! is there more than 50 episodes to the saiyuki series?
    please message me im going crazy i keep hearing this thing about gunlock and reload and its just confusing haha
    ive watched the first 50 eps.
    was gunlock and reload included in those or is there more?
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