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    Follow AarinFantasy's Social Network Sites

    Dear forum members, as some of you know, AarinFantasy has a Facebook and Twitter account. Those lack updates as initially I plan to have them only as an alternate site to inform members in case the forum is down or not accessible. It seems people prefer to go to Social Network Sites (SNS) a lot more these few years.

    Throughout the years, some of you still am curious about me and sometimes wonder what I do in real life. Well, I wanna get more personal with you all So I will be updating the following SNS sites, mostly with pictures, just click and add/follow/like me there:

    (Please be aware that there is another fake AF facebook which is not mine)
    - Will mainly be for posting yaoi related, website related and some personal stuff.

    - Since it has words limit, I will only post short text and pictures there.

    - This will be the most personal one about me out of all the SNS, since it is picture based.
    (I have set instagram as private approval, so just wait for me to approve because I want to avoid adding people who doesn't know about me liking BL)

    - The latest addition out of all the above. I am still new to it and working on how to go about Tumblr XD

    >> Forum <<
    - Not to forget about those who only visits the forum and doesn't like SNS or no SNS accounts. I will be posting what I post on Instagram here too at the "Follow AarinFantasy" section. So you won't be missing out!

    If you ever wonder how’s my yaoi stash, my life as a forum founder, conventions that I’ve attended etc... I will tell you through these SNS especially through pictures on Instagram and Forum. Do not worry as I will try not to post anything explicit so it's okay for you to open it anywhere.

    I would like to hear from you in my threads/post on those places mentioned above. I can't guarantee I am able to reply to each and every comments or posts, but I will try to if I can Thanks for your understanding!
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