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    Otome's Way Ebook is here!

    Since most of you are already aware of Otome's Way through this forum, and in case you missed the news... Otome's Way has just launched their e-book website today/yesterday (depending on your timezone), in partnership with Tigris Libra.

    The link to their ebook page is here: Otome's Way Ebook

    There are sample pages for you to check out first. Their highly recommended one is their Fujoshi Guide to Japanese, where it features a few guys (BL pairing of course) teaching the reader about the Japanese language with special visuals and audio effects. There are also other BL titles available.

    I have been given the opportunity to check out the Fujoshi Guide, but will give my review or honest opinion next time as I don't have the chance to check out the entire guide in such a short time (it contains about 80+ pages). While they have a few short hiccups during the launch, I think most problem are solved by now and if you still run into some problems, please read this: Problem with the site

    Most important thing is---> The reader or ebook can ONLY support selected browsers:

    • Google Chrome for Windows 7 or later (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera are not supported.)
    • Safari / Google Chrome for Mac OS X 10.7 or later
    • Mobile Safari on iPhone / iPad iOS5.1 or later (iOS6.0 or later recommended)
    • Browsers compatible with Google Chrome and Android 4.0 or later (Android 4.1 or later recommended)
    • Kindle Fire / Kindle Fire HD browsers

    Do let me know also what you think about their ebook or any opinion about Otome's Way in general in this thread.
    Please let me know your experience about your purchase too if you have done so.


    Note: AarinFantasy does not take commission nor gets paid by Otome's Way in any way. I know I've been promoting their stuff quite a lot recently, but just wanna help them to connect to English speaking yaoi fans better

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    I've just flicked though some of their stuff. I really like the simple way everything is broken down, into a manner where you are only learning small little chunks, yet once you picked up enough of them little chucks you can stick it together however way you like to make up more complex understanding of the language. I also rather enjoy their way of explaining why and how you do things. It helps with understanding what you are learning.

    When I first clicked on the link, I was expecting something that would remind me of my much hated and dreadful school lessons in German. After which I never wanted to have any more experience with learning a foreign language again. However this looks bright colourful, interactive and fun. It may not turn you into an expert at it, but offers a eye-candy kick start in the right direction.

    My favourite thing about it, is that it is in colour!

    It it very likely I will be buying something from them on pay day at the end of the week.

    Set by the wonderful AsakuraHannah x

    Thanks to koukou710 for Ryuk x



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