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    Quote Originally Posted by fmkitty698 View Post
    Okay, it's kinda a stupid question, but I encountered a tiny little problem while trying to customize my profile - I get this message:
    "<...>To use the asset picker you need to have a publicly accessible album with at least one image in it. Please create such an album if you want to select an image. You can still enter an image location in the edit box if you like.<...>"

    So, how do I create such album? Do I need to upload pics which I want to use in my profile's customization on Members Gallery? or somewhere else?
    Under the Community menu dropdown, there's a link to Albums. If you have an existing album, you can click on it and edit the album. If you don't have any albums, you can make a new one. Just remember to select the "Profile" radio button to use those album photos for your profile.
    I think the Members Gallery is a separate thing.

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    @fmkitty698; Don't worry that's not a stupid question
    To answer your question, you actually don't need to upload a picture here, nor make an album.
    So if you to your profile and open your customize panel in each box you want to put an image, you must put url( before the url link ex: url(wwwyourimageurlcom)
    Another little tip, there's also the option to write transparent in the boxes, so no color is shown. If you look at my profile for example my only images I used are 2; "Page Background" and "Inactive Module Background", all others are either colors or transparent. Hope I could help, if not just sent me a VM or PM and I explain it a bit better

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    @sumire007 Personally, I've tried before inserting url of wanted image from wanted page. Yes, at first it kinda works. However, after saving the changes and refreshing the page, only a color change remains.

    On the other hand, once I've somehow managed to find user album and add images, I've noticed that now if you add in color field "url(anyurl)" - it works even if after saved changes I've refreshed the page(or returning again to my profile page)
    So, yeah, nice to know that this little method also works ^^
    Yup, after picking a wanted color and then adding transparent image on top of color now works as on my Tumblr page.
    So, now I wanna recreate the closest thing to my custom theme:

    A-anyway, thank you for the advice ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )

    - - - Updated - - -

    @Cheremonda thanks for pointing out (tho, it'a kinda embarrassing that I've missed it all this time x'D)
    Alright, and now I can customize as on tumblr ^^
    So, thanks!


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