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    Exclamation Non-Staff Members Moderating Other Members

    The only people on this site who should be "moderating" topics are members of staff.

    This means that if you are not a Forum Support, Moderator or Admin member of aarinfantasy staff, you should not be taking it upon yourself to confront or reprimand other members of the site.

    Repeated examples of this type of behavior has come to our attention lately and it needs to stop immediately.

    There isn't necessarily anything wrong with giving a friendly reminder about the rules to someone who may have forgotten--but some people don't seem to be able to do something like this in an inoffensive manner and this is where problems arise.

    Rudeness and condescension towards other members, regardless of intent or purpose is simply unacceptable.

    Subjecting others to this type of attitude only leads to arguments and bickering in threads. This has happened on multiple occasions lately and should be apparent to everyone by now.

    From now on, the staff's response to continued instances of this behavior will be Warning, Infractions and ultimately, banning--just the same as with anyone else who tries to instigate or fuel arguments in this community.

    The correct action to take is Report the issue that you believe is questionable or breaks the site rules by one of the following methods:

    1. Use the post/message REPORT function.
    2. VM (Profile Visitor Message) a member of staff for that section.
    3. PM (Private Message) a member of staff for that section.

    The staff investigates and handles all reported issues on a case by case basis.
    This is what we are here for.

    Are there any questions about what I've posted here?

    Please ask them now. I or another member of staff will be happy to clarify.

    ~ Thank you.

    From aarinfantasy: I also wanna clear some doubts here...
    Quote Originally Posted by aarinfantasy View Post
    Hello everyone, just wanna clear things up a bit too... you can point out errors and rules on the forum. The announcement was made mainly because there were some cases ppl telling others like "I will report you and get you intro trouble", "I will report you and get you banned", "the staff will ban you!"(judging things themselves before staff made decision) and there's even "I am mod"(when that person isn't even a staff)...aren't those rude too to other people especially new ppl?

    I do understand maybe you mean to help the other person when you said "the staff will ban you!" but do you know that the other person can also think that you are the one who are deciding things here eventhough you are not a staff? So, just say "the staff may give you a warning/ban on that, so please dun repeat it again". This is what a lot of ppl do not know that we received a lot of such complaints... but did we say anything to the people who we know is trying to help out? No. But ONLY for CERTAIN matter when both were rude against each other.

    So, please let it be for staff to decide if you already report it.
    If you want to help to point out forum rules and errors made, just tell the person NICELY. It was a lot of times, the other party was "told off" by other ppl and not everyone worded things properly.

    And please like Ruby said... Forum Staff can also advice others on rules etc, but they do not issue Warning/Ban. They can only Moderate (moderate can also mean move, merge,close thread etc). It was clearly stated. Moderate doesn't mean only issue Warning/Ban or do anything to a user's account.

    But to what extend it's okay and not okay? Let us decide.
    Please also note on Miko's post:

    There isn't necessarily anything wrong with giving a friendly reminder about the rules to someone who may have forgotten--but some people don't seem to be able to do something like this in an inoffensive manner and this is where problems arise.

    I hope that clear things up more...

    Again, we have to make the announcement because SOME ppl had went overboard and made others uncomfortable. It's just a lot of ppl didn't see or know about what's going on but we really do get a lot of this kinda attacking PM a lot lately. Do also think what we have to deal with to...

    I encourage ppl helping each other, yes.
    But if you don't know if something you said may offend anyone, just report to us.

    I seriously have to agree on this announcement when someone who is not a staff said "I am mod" just last week >.>;;;
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    No questions about this at all, sorry, but have to post anyway because seeing this in actual print just totally made my day.

    I don't post that much overall, but I love to browse the forum when I have time and the one thing that always turns me off is seeing this type of behaviour. Especially when it involves new members and a whole death squad of members with so-called seniority swoops down on them. Being nice has never hurt anyone and if someone doesn't care to answer a question for the umpteenth time, skip by the post and let someone else answer it. Anyway, I digress...

    Thanks for this.

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    Oh, I so support this. I encountered this type of behavior myself.
    A person decided to comment on my post to a contest holder, being a regular contestant just like everybody else, in a very irritating way. After a few more comments I had no choice but say "It's not up to you to decide" to get this person off my back. And then I got a PM telling me that she knows I'm new but I shouldn't be rude, that it's against the rules. And I should keep that in mind or I'll have troubles. Then signed it "Just a piece of advice from a veteran" with a wink.
    Since I had no interest whatsoever in continuing with this, I just had to ignore her but it was really really unpleasant experience.
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    No questions at all. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for giving us a clear announcement on this issue. It's been a bit of a turn-off recently and I'm really happy to see that something's been done about it.

    Thanks again!

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    Agree with everything has been said here. The problem is, many "veterans" forget they have been newbies too

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    I'm a moderator on a very big forum, and we have to deal with this all the time. As Miko says, it can be done nicely, but unfortunately for the most part it isn't and being "modded" by a non-mod is more or less never appreciated by members. Mods are carefully chosen and have training based on the great experience of the admin, so let them get on with the job. Amateur "help" just ends up making their job harder. So on the whole I support this decision.

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    I'm also a mod on another forum and, like Rukuemon mentionned, we have to deal with this problem all the time. I'm glad that the issue was clearly aressed. I hope this will make the job of the staff a lot easier for them. Not to mention that it will be more pleasant for the new members too. One of the biggest problem faced by new members of any forum is getting the feeling that you don't belong. Being reprimended by a veteran doesn't help the situation. Let's just hope that everyone will read this and cooperate.

    I wonder if it is possible to send a global PM to members inviting them to read this. I'm asking because I'm not too sure that everyone bothers to read all the new posts in the announcement and rules section.
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    No arguing here... though I'd have to say that Miko's announcements often sound unnecessarily aggressive, if not rude, as well.

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    I agreee with U Wee must be Kind With Anyones Jajajaj And most with the Newbies They are Cutess

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    Quote Originally Posted by suhi View Post
    No arguing here... though I'd have to say that Miko's announcements often sound unnecessarily aggressive, if not rude, as well.
    It did scare me Make me think: "Is she talking about me?!" Because I am paranoid >.>

    I guess you have to sound very mean and aggressive to get your point across to people who think they can become self-appointed mods. People respect power to a certain degree ... better to make them fear it than respect it *speaking as a teacher of extremely immature students* -_-

    I was unaware that this was happening, but if it is, I am glad it is being nipped in the bud. AF Community is the best on the web, as far as I'm concerned, and what with the new AarinBuddy System, I hope it continues to be the friendliest towards sweet little newbies, too

    Although I don't know about staff being all that carefully chosen; I am talking about the latest Forum Support people who have the power to moderate threads, which strikes me as odd. I think we are lucky in that every one of them is a truly good person, but to me it seems like a person should become a mod first before being given modding powers


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