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    Bertholdt (L8)Levi SnK (L8)Erwin SnK (L9)
    Reiner Braun (L5)Hange SnK (L7)Levi (L10)
    Yatogami (L6)Levi SnK (L7)Eren SnK (L9)

    Edokun and Wolfy D's Creations!

    Edokun and Wolfy D's Creations

    What do we make? We make plushies from any series you could ever think of! We make pillows and can put almost any picture you would like on it for your enjoyment! And we make warm, fuzzy hats for those cold winter days walking to class, when you want to be awesome and have bunny ears, rather than that plain ol' black one your mom bought you at Walmart.

    Sound cool? Sounds cool!

    Wolfy D's Creations

    Our Seller Rating
    Feedback and Comments
    (currently there is none, since before this everything was done offline and just for friends and such.)

    Contact Info
    I can be PMed here or emailed at wolfydcreations@yahoo.com. If your question is something simple or something you don't mind being public, you may also post here. Please check our FAQ list before asking! We might have already answered your question.

    Please read the rules outlined in each of the categories before posting your form and sending payment!

    P.S. Wolfy D is my friend from offline, not an Aarin member. In case anyone was curious as to who this person was. XD
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    Cards Made For Me|Thanks and Wishlist

    Lusting after Colossal Titan (L9), Armin SnK (L9), and Sasha SnK (L7)
    (Lovely Levi Set by Dirdri!)



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