Hi all,

I'm launching a bottle in the ocean since I'm not even sure that a second-hand BL manga sells at all. I've got a huge collection at home and I tried putting some of it on e-bay but there were 0 views in a month... I'd really like someone else to experience the same joy that I had when recieving and reading these books.

Here's for example a collection of Yukine Honami's books:

- Bundle "Can't win with you" vol 1-3 by Satosumi Takaguchi and Yukine Honami
- Bundle "Rin!" vol 1-3 by Satoru Kannagi and Yukine Honami
- Constellations in my palm
- Stolen heart
- Thirsty for love
- Sweet revolution
- Desire

I can organise a delivery in UK/Europe and Russia. Let's say 20 EUR for the whole set + delivery


Or maybe anyone can tell me on which platform I can sell these?