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Thread: My lil' shop

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    My lil' shop

    Various anime/manga related goods for sale!

    Hi, I'm here to advertise my shop on livejournal. I've been doing a lot of group-orders in the past and got leftovers but also other items I wish to get rid of. I've been selling them items of various forums but finally got time list most of them on livejournal. I've mainly listed items that are small enough to ship cheaply worldwide but recently added bigger items for sale too, like figures.

    Click here to visit my shop!

    All the information about my sales can be found on my shop but these are my policies in short:
    • I ship worldwide and shipping fees differ by buyer's location and shipping method
    • Tracking is expensive and therefore won't be available for small & cheap items
    • I'm not responsible for damaged or lost items during the shipping
    • I accept payments via PayPal in EUR
    • Buyer pays all shipping fees and PayPal fees
    • I don't accept returns and won't do refunds

    Here's the feedback from my past transactions with various people.

    If you're interested in an item please contact me via livejournal. I'll gladly provide you photos of the actual items by request!
    You can message me or leave a comment on the subpages. It's also possible to PM me here on AF or alternatively approach me on Twitter or MFC about the sales.

    Thanks for stopping by
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