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    Press Release: Illustrated messages with Jmanga purchase!

    JManga.com will be holding a special gift campaign from March 13th to 26th (PST) for BL/Yaoi Feature “ABC of BL/Yaoi”. Subscribers who purchase one of the corresponding BL/Yaoi titles during the campaign will receive a special gift from JManga!

    Just in time for the campaign, JManga will be adding the adorably drawn and ever so sweet love story, “My Darling Kitten Hair” by Haruko Kumota. Purchase “My Darling Kitten Hair” Vol. 1 during the campaign and receive a special illustrated message from the artist, Haruko Kumota! There is also a special illustrated messages from Nase Yamato to those who purchase “Pet on Duty” or “Cigarette Kisses”.

    JManga will be also adding “70% of First Love is...” by Hiko Yamanaka and “100 Blossoms To Love” by Gido Amagakure on March 13th and will be giving away special wallpaper for both titles.

    “My Darling Kitten Hair” (Released 3/13) / Illustrated message from Kumota Haruko-sensei
    “Pet on Duty” / Illustrated message from Yamato Nase-sensei
    “Cigarette Kisses / Illustrated message from Yamato Nase-sensei
    “70% of First Love is...” (Released 3/13) / Special wallpaper
    “100 Blossoms To Love” (Released 3/13) / Special wallpaper

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    Arigato gozaimas to spirited_soul for my first Soubi card, Miko for my dream card, lvl 10 Soubi and Ryou for my lvl 4 Ritsuka card! A special thank you to the one who gave me lvl 7 Ritsuka, the card that I was secretly wishing for...
    To my secret partner in crime, thx for so many of my cards. You guys are awesome! *hugs*

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