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    Thank you for your donations~

    Hi everyone, thank you for much for your donations so far and we're currently receiving donations till July 2024.

    Although donations are getting slower, I hardly emphasize on it so much as I really don't want anyone to think we're here all solely for the donations... in fact, it's far from it. So my point is that if one day we no longer are capable of reaching the donation goals on a monthly basis, I'll be preparing for the worst possible outcome. I am really very grateful already to all donors who donated before and those who still donates till this very day... you all are really kind and the best in still wanting to keep this site alive. As much as you and me still love this site given all the history etc, but yeah... I can only do so much. So seriously Thank You and for now, I will still try to keep this place afloat as much as possible.

    Reminder >>> Please be aware that I am auto deleting inactive accounts as mentioned here: Mass deletion for inactive account.

    Total from Monthly Donors: $447 (April 2024)

    Total from One Time Donors: $6 (April 2024)

    Total from latest donation: $453
    June 2024's goal needed: -$197
    July 2024's goal needed: $453 - $197 -$660 = -$404 (still need $404 for July 2024's goal)

    Everything added up till this date (30th March 2024), we will still need this amount for the current goal which is for July 2024: $404

    For reference, the goals are as follow:
    March 2019 = $800 (achieved)
    April-Dec 2019 = $660 monthly (achieved)
    Jan-Dec 2020 = $660 monthly (achieved)
    Jan-Dec 2021 = $660 monthly (achieved)
    Jan-Dec 2022 = $660 monthly (achieved)
    Jan-Dec 2023 = $660 monthly (achieved)
    Jan-June 2024 = $660 monthly (achieved)
    July 2024 = still need $404 (out of $660)

    - Donations from 1st May 2024 onwards will only be reflected next month.
    - Forum points will be given out when I can for this month's donations or 2 months at one go~ For everyone who donated, you will get x10 the amount as a bonus! (For example, if you donated $10, you will get 10m points instead of 1m points). Thank you! (Remember, this is not to entice you to donate but just a small gesture to thank you)


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