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    Happy 801 and thank you for your donations~

    Happy 801 (yaoi) month! For this month and next few months, I wanna do something fun so I plan to host some giveaways/contests soon, please look out for them in the forum or AarinFantasy's social media.

    Currently, we are receiving donations for December 2022 month.
    Thank you so much for helping to keep this site and community alive.

    Reminder >>> Please be aware that I am auto deleting inactive accounts as mentioned here: Mass deletion for inactive account.

    Total from Monthly Donors: $516 (as of 1st Aug 2022)

    Total from One Time Donors: $219 (as of 1st Aug 2022)

    Total from latest donation: $735
    Oct and Nov 2022's goal needed: -$745
    Still need for Nov 2022 goal: $10
    2022's goal needed: -$660
    $735 - $745 - $660 = -$670 (still need $670 for Dec 2022's goal) - (I will cover the $10 for this since there's only $10 left)

    Everything added up till this date (1st Aug 2022), we will still need this amount for the current goal which is for December 2022: $660

    For reference, the goals are as follow:
    March 2019 = $800 (achieved)
    April-Dec 2019 = $660 monthly (achieved)
    January-Dec 2020 = $660 monthly (achieved)
    January-Dec 2021 = $660 monthly (achieved)
    January-Nov 2022 = $660 monthly (achieved)
    December 2022 = still need $660

    - Donations from 1st August 2021 onwards will only be reflected next month.
    - Forum points will be given out when I can for this month's donations or 2 months at one go~ For everyone who donated, you will get x10 the amount as a bonus! (For example, if you donated $10, you will get 10m points instead of 1m points). Thank you! (Remember, this is not to entice you to donate but just a small gesture to thank you)


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