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Please post any problems you are experiencing when using forum functions, and major add-ons such as fictions, credits, videos, etc.
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  1. Bug Section Fixed (Bug)
  2. am I not allowed to creat a new thread? (Bug)
  3. Imunify360 problem (Bug)
  4. Google won't allow me to open some threads in manga section (Bug)
  5. Gallery (Bug)
  6. Fiction Database error (Bug)
  7. General Anime Download problem (Bug)
  8. Game Download Forum blocked as malicious (Bug)
  9. Aarin's video links to 2 live action BL movies have gone black (Bug)
  10. Database Error (again) (Bug)
  11. google chrome reporting Games sub-forum "games" as " malicious site" (Bug)
  12. user threads not showing (Bug)
  13. Cannot see other people's profile layouts (Bug)
  14. New Error when trying to access forum (Bug)
  15. can't enter profiles (Bug)
  16. Top to page toggle doesn't work? (Bug)
  17. Having problems reordering my View Inventory (Bug)
  18. I can't open to my profile page. (Bug)
  19. Manage Attachments (Bug)
  20. Edit Post Database Error (Bug)
  21. I can't search (Bug)
  22. search problem (Bug)
  23. chat box doesn't load? (Bug)
  24. Various Database errors - mainly stickys (Bug)
  25. Can not search again (Bug)
  26. I can't view a thread in Game Spot forum (Bug)
  27. Comments in blog are editable (Bug)
  28. Can't edit a certain comment (Bug)
  29. Font Changing On Profile (Bug)
  30. Lag and double/triple posting (Bug)
  31. Limiting VMs to mods+contacts (Bug)
  32. Can not search (Bug)
  33. reputation status icon issue (?) (Bug)
  34. Concerns re: msg after email change (Bug)
  35. empty screen (Bug)
  36. Problem Loading Forum Banner (Bug)
  37. I can't post a video in my blog from youtube? (Bug)
  38. Skype icon doesn't appear (Bug)
  39. Unable to open forum thread (Bug)
  40. "are you sure you want to leave this page?" Message... (Bug)
  41. Line breaks after a mention (Bug)
  42. Cant send Ishop-Card (Bug)
  43. Can't send points (Bug)
  44. Menu Bar Link Issue (Bug)
  45. Blog comment colour issue (Bug)
  46. Your own profile/page! (Bug)
  47. How to reinstall custom profile intro and image (Bug)
  48. Forum Login Redirect (Bug)
  49. Undefined instead of Inbox (Bug)
  50. Fix post merging times? (Bug)
  51. Multi-quoting issue (Bug)
  52. No card images in the iShop (Bug)
  53. aggressive sponcer? (Bug)
  54. PM count discrepancy (Bug)
  55. wrong placement of card level (Bug)
  56. Visual editor won't show (Bug)
  57. Spoilers have "Show" to open but not "Hide" to close (Bug)
  58. Rin (L9) (Bug)
  59. Issue with PM box [RE-OPEN] (Bug)
  60. Undefined instead of Inbox? (Bug)
  61. How do I add tags? (Bug)
  62. Attachments vs File Upload Manager (Bug)
  63. Can't Transfer Points (Bug)
  64. Automatic subscription issue (Bug)
  65. Error with Fictions Quick Reply (Bug)
  66. Mention tag not working in forum support (Bug)
  67. Error in Find latest posts (Bug)
  68. Duplicate Card Picture in Ishop (Bug)
  69. I can't open iShop (Bug)
  70. Cannot vote in open polls (Bug)
  71. Delete Blog (Bug)
  72. Blog issues (Bug)
  73. Image resizer shows wrong size (Bug)
  74. Theme reverts to Breezy Blue every visit (Bug)
  75. Thread posts disappearing (Bug)
  76. "Find latest posts" is not updating - it stuck on jan/26 (Bug)
  77. Point not sending (Bug)
  78. Profile - Formatting Issue (Bug)
  79. log in issues (Bug)
  80. Profile - Content border (Bug)
  81. False 'dead link' in my sig...please help? (Bug)
  82. Updt 29 Dec. Can't access social groups- Database Error [not fixed] (Bug)
  83. google search security warning (Bug)
  84. Delayed PM notifications (Bug)
  85. Not getting activity points (Bug)
  86. Mobile gallery (Bug)
  87. problem with groups (Bug)
  88. edit blog comments (Bug)
  89. Delays in posting updates (Bug)
  90. Random Database error (Bug)
  91. Internal Server Error (Bug)
  92. Database Error? (Bug)
  93. Unable to sort pics in my Gallery's album (Bug)
  94. File Manager Malfunction 2 Reopened (Bug)
  95. Mobile Gallery not working (Bug)
  96. Profile display issue (same as prior closed report from otarusushi) (Bug)
  97. iSHOP card inventory (Bug)
  98. No permission: AarinSecret #3 (Bug)
  99. Bank transfer problem (Bug)
  100. Slooooooow (Bug)
  101. Notification of Visitor Message (Bug)
  102. Problem with profile (Bug)
  103. Bank Transfer Problem (Bug)
  104. Fiction Bug (Bug)
  105. redirected to home page of forum (Bug)
  106. confirm your e-mail address not possible (Bug)
  107. Members posts/topics not found (Bug)
  108. Live threads / Autorefresh not working (Bug)
  109. [Solved] Thread Problem (Bug)
  110. Not receiving e-mail notification of new PM's (Bug)
  111. Forum Styles (Bug)
  112. Pop-Up Occuring (Bug)
  113. todays birthday list (Bug)
  114. [Resolved] Datanase error when try to access my own profile page (Bug)
  115. Unable to login (from AlexiaLee) (Bug)
  116. Problem with VMs (Bug)
  117. "Server Busy" Messages Prevent Login or Interrupt Activity on Forum (Bug)
  118. aarin keep on logging out nonstop follow by database error (Bug)
  119. Site freezes up (Bug)
  120. malware (Bug)
  121. How to add new chapters to a story? (Bug)
  122. Having problems saving my edits in the card display thread (Bug)
  123. How to have full size image in post (Bug)
  124. Post formatting difficulties (Bug)
  125. "Double transfers" and negative numbers. (Bug)
  126. rearrange cards not working anymore (Bug)
  127. Search Results page 2+ end in Error (Bug)
  128. Colour issue bleak black (Bug)
  129. [RESOLVED] Group I left months ago stuck in group list under Settings (Bug)
  130. L10 Cards discount (Bug)
  131. Breezy Blue skin (Bug)
  132. Can't access a page in the general anime section (Bug)
  133. Cannot use THANKS button in Card Giveaway area (Bug)
  134. Custom Profile reset? (Bug)
  135. Inserting picture? (Bug)
  136. vBulletin message: Invalid File when try to upload avatar (Bug)
  137. Cannot send points (Bug)
  138. Text in posts all runs together (Bug)
  139. IShop inventory not movable (Bug)
  140. EDITING function symbols not working or not seen (Bug)
  141. Menubar under Forum TABS: dropdowns not working (Bug)
  142. "Find latest started threads" (Bug)
  143. Mention glitch? (Bug)
  144. Moderated post (Bug)
  145. Review Problem (Bug)
  146. malware alert (Bug)
  147. Problems with editing first post in contest thread. (Bug)
  148. VM conversation full of (blinding) colours (Bug)
  149. Unable to subscribe to forum (Bug)
  150. Claim Points (tempo) (Bug)
  151. @Mention being funny (Bug)
  152. Blog viewing issue (Bug)
  153. Stuck Notification "1 Unread Visitor Message" (Bug)
  154. Lost Points (Bug)
  155. Not Getting Notifications for Cards (Bug)
  156. Reporting one-time memory error message for the record (Bug)
  157. Access Denied (Bug)
  158. Lost Points (Bug)
  159. I can't save an edited post (Bug)
  160. Can't report abusive users in the chat room. (Bug)
  161. Strange Malware warning (Bug)
  162. "1 Unread Visitor Messages" not clearing (Bug)
  163. Skins not changing on mobiles (Bug)
  164. issue with managing attachments on fiction stories (Bug)
  165. Didn't get points (video streaming host pool) (Bug)
  166. My post count isn't increasing (Bug)
  167. Post Count not increasing (Bug)
  168. Sig Issue (Bug)
  169. Not getting interest (Bug)
  170. Last page of Blogs (Bug)
  171. Notifications (Bug)
  172. Mention not working in the Contests and Trivias forum (Bug)
  173. Thread deletion (Bug)
  174. Event reminder (Bug)
  175. Reputation (Bug)
  176. I keep getting logged out automaticlly (Bug)
  177. Can't post comment on home page articles (Bug)
  178. iShop card problem (Bug)
  179. Fiction area entry problem (Bug)
  180. Virus Download?? (Bug)
  181. Videos isn't available to our country>............... (Bug)
  182. Junjou Romantica Season 2 (Bug)
  183. No notification receiving cards (Bug)
  184. Fiction Entry Issue (Bug)
  185. Fiction section issue (Bug)
  186. File Manager Malfunction 1 (Bug)
  187. File Manager Malfunction 2 (Bug)
  188. Shounen Maid Kuro Kun Anime Shota (Bug)
  189. [SOLVED] Can't donate a card to a member (Bug)
  190. Reputation doesn't show on threads (Bug)
  191. Disable sidebar doesn't work (Bug)
  192. No additional points (Bug)
  193. Notifications (Bug)
  194. No Hotlinking graphics (Bug)
  195. User birthdays not displaying at bottom of Forum main page (Bug)
  196. Cannot open/close my own threads (Bug)
  197. Profile reset (Bug)
  198. Can not post new chapter (Bug)
  199. Standard Text Editor Not Showing (Bug)
  200. Can not send ishop cards to other users (Bug)
  201. Line breaks dissapearing (Bug)
  202. Chat report option (Bug)
  203. Having problems with Videos (Bug)
  204. Post count decreased (Bug)
  205. Unable to display large images (Bug)
  206. BB code left is not allowed...?? (Bug)
  207. Missing 'Customize Profile' under User PC (Bug)
  208. Search result error (Bug)
  209. Having some prob with vm notifications not going away. (Bug)
  210. Unchecking 'parse ext. links' and 'retrieve titles from ext. links' is ignored (Bug)
  211. Duplicate cards purchase still triggered? (Bug)
  212. Missing Icons (Bug)
  213. Unable to delete Album Pictures (Bug)
  214. I got a virus from the forum... (Bug)
  215. Miniblue Navigation Bar (Bug)
  216. Two word usernames Mentions don't work in Blogs (Bug)
  217. Post problems (Bug)
  218. Notifications of Quotes and Mentions don't dissapear (Bug)
  219. Sig image not showing in older posts (Bug)
  220. Malware? (Bug)
  221. Points disappearing & links in intro not working (Bug)
  222. Funny display in Fiction section (Bug)
  223. Visitor message privacy not working properly (Bug)
  224. Can't get past a certain page in thread (Bug)
  225. I can't understand the new image upload system (Bug)
  226. Number of posts not increasing (Bug)
  227. Profile changes don't show (Bug)
  228. IMG posting/Attachment (Bug)
  229. BBcode turning to html? (Bug)
  230. Upload in Profile Gallery. (Bug)
  231. I commited a mistake in my cards page (Bug)
  232. profile bars (Bug)
  233. Album upload manager (Bug)
  234. Non-existent Page Message (Bug)
  235. Erro/(PL2WA00000Yt32} (Bug)
  236. Font + Colour Issues (Miniblue) (Bug)
  237. Sig and other info not visible (Bug)
  238. dont know how to view fiction (Bug)
  239. Refusing to Let Me Update Original Fiction (Bug)
  240. Inventory display issue in miniblue layout (Bug)
  241. Mentions buggy (Bug)
  242. Forum subscribe function (Bug)
  243. card disappeared (Bug)
  244. iShop errors (Bug)
  245. Video (Bug)
  246. Cannot load video (Bug)
  247. problem with editing posts and VMs (Bug)
  248. Tabbed Forum and Collapsing function issue (Bug)
  249. Copy & Pasting Fictions (Bug)
  250. Going to your profile in the Fiction section. (Bug)