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  1. Hadaka Shitsuji on Linux with PlayOnLinux
  2. Only Guides on this section
  3. hadaka-tools: Extracting Hadaka Shitsujis Sounds,Music and Graphics
  4. How to mount .ISO files on *NIX Systems
  5. Jipa - Extract/Create Nitro+Chiral NPAs
  6. Installing / Running DMMd on Linux, Mac and BSD
  7. CG Ripping Guide
  8. Changing the system locale (only for Windows 7 and beyond)
  9. Pre-emptive Info Post : Windows 8 and Kirikiri Engine
  10. How to run older games before Win Vista + XP
  11. Installing Japanese in Win 7, 8 and beyond
  12. How to Mount Image Files
  13. Vista Japanese Language Installation Guide
  14. Mac Japanese Language Installation Guide
  15. Office XP Tool: Japanese Language Pack
  16. How to Run Togainu no Chi with AGTH and Atlas