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  1. The Dark Side of Yaoi (and other adult genres)
  2. Were your parents okay with you liking yaoi? (when/if they found out)
  3. twittering birds never fly
  4. Your most favorite gay youtubers and gay youtube couples!!!!!
  5. Mangas that used to be your favorite but now you dislike?
  6. Please help me find this manga!
  7. I really do love aarinfantasy
  8. Legalities on Anime/Manga in Canada?
  9. Can you like yaoi and still support LGBT+?
  10. Does it really matter if a child reads pornographic BL?
  11. Is anyone interested in reading an original yoai?
  12. YaoiCat - Netflix for BL - Feedback Needed!
  13. Yaoi related question.
  14. The way people write their comments.........
  15. Does transgender count as “mpreg”?
  16. ordering bl books from mandarake
  17. Need yaoi help!
  18. Suggestions on really intense BLCDs?
  19. Hardcore yaoi game
  20. Seeking recommendations for yaoi that talk about being gay
  21. Hong Phong General Clinic Vinh Long
  22. Why is the rigid seme/uke dynamic so overdone?
  23. Togainu no Chi Gaiden - Kawaita Mizu translation
  24. Starting a BL scanlating group
  25. What are the DNP stuff at present?
  26. If you could turn any anime yaoi, which one would it be?
  27. Seme or Uke attractiveness?
  28. Why Is Yaoi So Popular?
  29. Looking for anything on this pairing
  30. Looking for yaoi anime like this
  31. Ageless guys
  32. I can't remember the name of a manga
  33. Bl stuff with yandere seme
  34. Name of this yaoi?
  35. Akira x Shiki Fan Fiction
  36. Looking for Sweet Pool Fans
  37. Can I request a drama cd from a mangaka for a specific manga of theirs?
  38. Does anyone know information about Iki o Tomete, Ugokanai de
  39. what is the top 10 shipping couple
  40. C r e a t o r Survey: Would you share your BF with a guy?
  41. C r e a t o r BL Game Interest Survey!
  42. Pink-haired guys
  43. Translators and dropped projects
  44. Thirst Yaoi Fan Seeking Specific Request
  45. Any really good Mandarin language BL?
  46. Looking for collaborator for a new BL podcast
  47. Where does one sell their manga/yaoi?
  48. New yaoi discord server
  49. Question about how to keep online comic book
  50. C r e a t o r how do you deal with sjws or people who can't difference between reality and fiction?
  51. Can u help me identify the author? 0__0
  52. Help finding lost Yaoi short story <3
  53. Weird Yaoi Dislikes/Quirks?
  54. Best Yaoi Manga of All Time
  55. Good Smile model: Nitro+chiral Special Kuji Aoba Gothic version!
  56. Hyperventilation Anime
  57. PLEASE HELP! Trying to the names amd authors of these [male x male] stories!!?
  58. Calling all Fujoshi fans!
  59. Which are some Yaoi games I definitely should try?
  60. What happened to SL Publishing group?
  61. "Yellow" anime
  62. Sexy Ten Count figures anounced!?
  63. Does reading/watching smut turn you on?
  64. Why are anime DVDs so expensive?
  65. C r e a t o r Chaleuria Recruitment Drive
  66. What does "Okama" mean to you?
  67. Boys Love in books
  68. I posted a new fanfic up!
  69. Do you know the title or names of voice actors of this BL drama CD?
  70. Large, big, tall, manly ukes and short, frail, girly seme.......
  71. will there ever be
  72. Hello! Looking for Nitro+Chiral Roleplayers!
  73. Looking for BL translator
  74. What happened to Hibiki Forum?!?!
  75. help finding certain jpop bromance vid
  76. Yaoi VS Real life: What Do You Like in Yaoi That You Never Would IRL?
  77. Tips on good visual novels?
  78. Help Me find a old BL webcomic!
  79. Need help finding yaoi "Unbowed" book.
  80. Let's sum up Lamento in a sentence.
  81. C r e a t o r Volatility - yaoi VN
  82. What Pairing are you obsessed with right at this moment III?
  83. Can you write a little yaoi book?
  84. All about Anime figures and collectibles
  85. Has this happened to you?
  86. Looking for an old fanfic
  87. Where do you go, to fujoshi/fudanshi?
  88. I'm going to talk about yaoi in therapy
  89. Last week to buy our first FUJOBOX - A Yaoi/Bishie subscription box
  90. If you like original fictions
  91. How has your taste in Yaoi changed over the years?
  92. We're launching the 1st yaoi/shounen-ai subscription box and we need your support
  93. Bromance tv shows?
  94. C r e a t o r Requiescence BL Visual Novel (Survey, Feedback!)
  95. The Greatest Yaoi Stories Never Made.
  96. Tips for a over the top fudanashi?
  97. How open are you about your Yaoi hobby?
  98. Help the noob with the proper definiton of terms/tags
  99. Giving away old BL/Yaoi tanks & anthologies
  100. Writing Question: Seeking a way to hide documents
  101. I need some enlightenment
  102. Search image from Sakura Gari
  103. Would you be interested...?
  104. Gaycation's 1st Episode Features Fujoshi
  105. Does Anyone Read 'Stolen?'
  106. do you find this hot or weird
  107. any kuroko no basket fan fiction??
  108. Omerta at my workplace?
  109. Buying Japanese Artbook from English site?
  110. I'm trying to create a yaoi manga. I need your help XD
  111. Anyone else see the new South Park episode? Tweek x Craig (s19e06)
  112. Final Fantasy Type-0
  113. Embarrassing stories of being caught!
  114. What would you look for in a yaoi drawing book?
  115. Stories where a girl disguises as a boy!?
  116. Post your favorite relationship trope here
  117. Yaoi and Religion
  118. Streaming DRAMAtical Murder
  119. Please help me find this VAMPIRE KNIGHT yaoi fic or my mind will drive me I N S A N E
  120. Favorite fictionpress m/m?
  121. The Ultimate True Pairings!!! [Round 3]
  122. Please help. I'd like to buy anime.
  123. Yaoi quotes in anime and games
  124. Editing help and input, pls? ^^
  125. A survey - please help me with my BL game panel!
  126. Where to buy Yaoi/BL in Japan
  127. My first gay experience after opening up to yaoi
  128. Help me with a paper on BL? (And also kinda curious, too)
  129. Watch Porn, Yaoi, Hentai ?
  130. BL Shopping
  131. I Totally Recommend This Movie To Everybody
  132. Is there a thank you forum around here///?~
  133. Tell me your favorite smut
  134. if your starting your own original yaoi
  135. BL movie to watch with a straight guy?
  136. Togainu no Chi figures - Ugh... Any ideas?
  137. Anyone Play Elsword MMO game?
  138. Yaoi releases tumblr?
  139. Anyone always want characters that are commonly uke to be seme?
  140. Quick Questions for the Girls of AF (or guys who have/had a gf)
  141. Holla to all UK fujoshis :)
  142. Cosplay - Akira from TnC Shiki-ending outfit?
  143. Guys from nonBL manga/anime that you're surprised you can't find BL fanart/doujin of?
  144. Did anyone else have this problem when they were getting into yaoi?
  145. Any shoujo-like BL works out there?
  146. Members for a small online Yaoi Writers/Critique Club
  147. Unexpected side effect of yaoi.
  148. What the hell DMMD?????
  149. How much yaoi is on your computer?
  150. Have you ever read/watched yaoi for so long that...
  151. Learning a language...
  152. What does your partner think of you enjoying yaoi?
  153. Your Enjoyment of BL over Time?
  154. Yaoi/BL Parody - funny or not?!
  155. What are your top 10 Yaoi (that don't stay so innocent)
  156. Doujinshi and goods you'd like to have
  157. Cosplays
  158. Fujoshi arrests in China
  159. Crossovers! What's your favorite?
  160. Yaoi Advantages
  161. Doujinshi reading habits Survey=D
  162. How do you get rid of doujinshi?
  163. Does anyone know about this pic?
  164. Japanese learners: Want to voice act for fun?
  165. Starfighter Visual novel on Kickstarter!
  166. Ripping audio from a visual novel?
  167. Recommend Gay/BL/Yaoi/MM WebComics
  168. Boys' Love Survey
  169. Idea for a yaoi game?
  170. Most popular BL fan hangout place?
  171. Who's the most VIOLENT yet loving semi?
  172. Anyone write Yaoi fanfiction?
  173. New Android Yaoi Game
  174. Last name first comes last? What was the name again?
  175. When licensing happens...
  176. Mecha + yaoi = don't mix?
  177. Feelings When Reading/Watching/Playing Yaoi
  178. Yaoi First World Problems... OTL
  179. Cat=uke?
  180. I need help here >.<
  181. Site for BLCD voice actors?
  182. I need some help
  183. Help with BL game compatibility
  184. Making a text-based Yaoi BL game
  185. SasuNaru related...
  186. Does Rape In Yaoi Bother You?
  187. Why do you like yaoi?
  188. Fluffy's YaoiBliss Collection Backup?
  189. L'amour est bleu FF VIII
  190. Respects yaoi, but refuses to draw them......
  191. Top 5 Uncensored Yaoi
  192. @
  193. Identifying to your favorite Characters
  194. The Color of Yaoi
  195. Question about youtube and how do we e-mail them?????
  196. Yaoi Merchandise
  197. Can't find online manga
  198. Hey Emerald from Otakon's yaoiing game or anyone else!
  199. Yaoi you fap to?
  200. Yaoi Taiko Boys
  201. ExDra Comic
  202. buying yaoi things? fanbooks/etc (and what is a jump mix?)
  203. Please Help!!
  204. Yaoi as Misandry?
  205. Do You Ship Against Type?
  206. the difference between guyxguy stories written for guys vs girls
  207. Yahoo Auctions Japan to Restrict Adult Items
  208. Yamagishi Hokuto
  209. Help! Conducting research for a class paper on yaoi
  210. Original Yaoi Fiction Sites
  211. yaoi anime
  212. Any clue on what the name of this Anime?
  213. For Fanfiction Lovers...
  214. uncensored
  215. Can you put make fanarts into merchandises? If so, where can you start?
  216. Phone Chat
  217. Where can I buy yaoi goodies in Kyoto?
  218. Is there any couples that you want to reverse?
  219. The Ultimate True Pairings!!! [Round 2]
  220. Album blog yaoi
  221. Portrait of women in yaoi
  222. Looking for new roleplay partners!
  223. Any male fans?
  224. Yaoi Fan Panel
  225. Yaycon 2013
  226. Do you like yaoi/slash of pairings from show you NEVER watched?
  227. Any Tron pairing fans?
  228. please help me watch my video :)
  229. Do you write yaoi/smut fics? Do you hide it from your friends and family?
  230. Customize a boy, game?
  231. Small problem with this site
  232. Need advice for Yaoi Novels
  233. Translation Request
  234. We aren't the only yaoi fans out there.
  235. Guess Who Has Returned?
  236. Rainbow Games : a Yaoi Board Games Website
  237. Age of Charaters in Yaoi/Shounen ai
  238. The Ultimate Pairing(s)
  239. Advice for a Yaoi Board Game
  240. Favourite BL couple from a non-BL Game?
  241. Maryland same sex marriage
  242. Why do Uke experience hip and waist pain?
  243. BL Drama CD manufacturer closed!
  244. [18+] Shingakkou Series (SPOILER ALERT!)
  245. Yaoi Research Interviews
  246. Help crowdsource the status of BL fandom!
  247. What kind reaction you If you found watching yaoi in public cafe??
  248. Some suggestions desperately needed...
  249. ☼ THE most annoying character EVER! ☼
  250. D18 (Dino/Hibari)