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  1. Yaoi or Shounen ai
  2. Are you exclusively an otaku?
  3. Will you get triggered/angry by spoilers from any kind of media?
  4. Would you call yourself a Fujoshi?
  5. Do you prefer the term "Yaoi" or "BL"?
  6. Where do you buy your BL/ML/yaoi stuff
  7. Ideal Content for a Yaoi Magazine?
  8. Are you in Hurricane Irma's path?
  9. What type of coffee do you like most?
  10. Who is best DMMD charactr
  11. Monogatari: Chronological or Release?
  12. How long is the longest you've gone without yaoi/bl?
  13. Are you doing better, worse or meh?
  14. Have you read webcomics before?
  15. Favorite Filehosts for Downloading
  16. Favorite Filehosts for Uploading
  17. how big a part of your manga collection is yaoi?
  18. Pick your fav drawing by fellow Aariners (18+ rated warning)
  19. How many Yaoi mangas have you read?
  20. Christmas is coming. Are you excited?
  21. Would you be interested in a Chat event?
  22. Monthly Boys Love Fiction Magazine?
  23. Aarinfantasy Calendar 2014: Vote for SEPTEMBER [CLOSED]
  24. Aarinfantasy Calendar 2014: Vote for August [CLOSED]
  25. What do you think of tattoos and do you have any?
  26. If someone you love was depressed and suicidal, would you help them?
  27. Which Browser Do You Prefer?
  28. Aarinfantasy Calendar 2014: Vote for July [CLOSED]
  29. Yea or Nay to the new Pokémon...?
  30. Aarinfantasy Calendar 2014: Vote for June [CLOSED]
  31. Aarinfantasy Calendar 2014: Vote for May [CLOSED]
  32. Aarinfantasy Calendar 2014: Vote for April [CLOSED]
  33. Gishwhes
  34. Torrents Vs Direct download?
  35. Aarinfantasy Calendar 2014: Vote for March
  36. What Should I do a Playthrough of?
  37. Aarinfantasy Calendar 2014: Vote for February [CLOSED]
  38. Aarinfantasy Calendar 2014: Vote for January
  39. Aarinfantasy Calendar 2014: Vote for Cover
  40. How do you usually sort/arrange your ishop card deck?
  41. Comfort Food
  42. Have you ever been raped?
  43. "brona is looking for a quote" contest --> final voting!
  44. Do you know these authors and their works?
  45. Death Clock Poll
  46. What is your monitor screen resolution?
  47. Do you enjoy talking with people online or IRL?
  48. Where do you read fanfic?
  49. Fujoshi Blogging... I Choose u!!!
  50. Please delete .
  51. Do you wear yaoi related stuff?
  52. Would you attend BL/Yaoi swap meet in Northern California / Bay Area?
  53. What Blood Type are you?
  54. Would/Have you donate(d) blood?
  55. Your favorite/most visited sections on AF
  56. Name Your Phobia(s)
  57. Preferences in seme and uke
  58. Do you spend on games?
  59. Pet Peeves
  60. Contest Prizes for Cabbit Contests
  61. What kind of place do you live in?
  62. Manga in Primary schools (age 4-11)
  63. Pronouncing and Speaking with accents
  64. What to wear for Halloween?
  65. How corrupt are you? 18+
  66. Is it easier for you to talk to people online or in person?
  67. Have you watched the series Spartacus?
  68. Reactions in the Mornings
  69. Do you like/have piercings?
  70. What is your laptop brand?
  71. How Much Time do You Spend on Yaoi Related Stuff Everyday?
  72. How Much Time do You Spend on Yaoi Related Stuff Everyday?
  73. Do You Give Into Peer Pressure?
  74. Please rate my set making skills? Advice?
  75. Use of the word 'Gay': offensive or not?
  76. Do you think you are attractive ?
  77. Your choice for computer/laptop
  78. Have you had HPV vaccine?
  79. Bugs you HATE the most!
  80. Downton Abbey guys
  81. Will you join the Black March campaign?
  82. Your average tip for a sig/set
  83. Do you learn Japanese?
  84. Unknown characters for signature?
  85. The Fight Of The Century
  86. What type of person do you like most?
  87. Should this have been the real ending to Clannad?
  88. How Often Do You Study?
  89. Has anyone one here dopped out of college?
  90. What's Your Chinese Zodiac?
  91. Aarin Community: I need your help.
  92. Which Series would You like to see a Character Quiz in?
  93. How many hours you need to make a set?
  94. CLOSED [18+] naughtiest signature contest FINAL VOTE
  95. CLOSED [18+] naughtiest signature contest FINAL VOTE
  96. Snow glass apples (18+)
  97. [18+] naughtiest signature contest VOTE 5
  98. [18+] naughtiest signature contest VOTE 4
  99. [18+] naughtiest signature contest VOTE 3
  100. [18+] naughtiest signature contest VOTE 2
  101. [18+] naughtiest signature contest VOTE 1
  102. Confessing to his Father: Isn't it just inspiring
  103. Ultimate Face-Off Round 4
  104. Rant about Criticism (and Autism)
  105. Ultimate Face Off!!! Round 3
  106. Do you believe in the paranormal?
  107. Ultimate Face Off!!! Round 2
  108. Pottermore?
  109. Do you frequent 4chan?
  110. Shall I open a shop for Latin/ Ancient Greek translation?
  111. Ultimate Face-Off Vote!!!
  112. Your favorite scents?
  113. Pick my Bunnies name! (rep bunny)
  114. What is your favorite food group?
  115. Which kind of sets do you prefer?
  116. What time do you wake up?
  117. What style is your Aarin page in? v2
  118. What will you do?
  119. Which Tarot Card Represents Your Higher Self?
  120. What's the most you've paid in an Aarinfantasy Auction?
  121. Internet Speeds?
  122. After that party... Healthy Exercise? or Couch Potato?
  123. Cashier or Self-Checkout?
  124. Are you ticklish?
  125. Do you like pain?
  126. Avatars and Signature Visibility: Your Opinions?
  127. Seme or Uke?
  128. Have you ever fallen in love with your best friend?
  129. Do you enjoy being under the influence when watching/reading BL?
  130. rep and thanks: know the difference?
  131. How do you view your own physique?
  132. favourite methods of getting from A to B
  133. What is your alignment?
  134. What do you find the most Attractive in Fictional Characters?
  135. Sexiest musical instrument?
  136. myanimelist or anime-planet? Which one is better for you?
  137. Do you like superheros?
  138. What do you look for in a partner when dating?
  139. What language should I learn next?!
  140. Animology: What's Your Inner Animal?
  141. how long do you use your signatures?
  142. Sailor Moon Star Locket
  143. You enjoy watching the semes reversing into ukes?
  144. Pirates or Ninjas?
  145. How beautiful/handsome are you
  146. Yaoi Art Shop?
  147. death 2.0: your online life after death
  148. Favorite characters in bondage
  149. Who is your favorite Griffin family member (Family Guy)
  150. I look like this, what character should I be
  151. Does bad grammar/spelling annoy you?
  152. Are you planing on getting married?
  153. Which one to choose???
  154. What's your Favorite Mature Cartoon?
  155. Determinism or free will? :)
  156. how long can you remember a person's face?
  157. Online games or AF?
  158. "yes!" or "no!"
  159. comfortable vs pretty?
  160. Just an uke that's attracted to other ukes.
  161. Do you have kids
  162. Do you like your job?
  163. Why do you watch/read Yaoi?
  164. Do you stereotype yourselves?
  165. Tip your waiter?
  166. Do you use Facebook?
  167. Are you vegetarian, vegan, etc?
  168. The 4-Variable IQ Test
  169. Poll: Hopeless Romantic Contest Votes!
  170. what do you use to get on here
  171. Which Anime Stereotype Are You?
  172. What kind of hair do you like on boys?
  173. Ever woke up from a dream screaming or shouting?
  174. Whats your computer brand?
  175. Gender? Which would you choose?
  176. Astrology/Zodiac Signs
  177. 3-D films/cinema
  178. Personality Defect test
  179. How Should YOUR Man Shave?
  180. Tentacles?
  181. which would you be
  182. --> ANTGD: Cycle 2 <-- (Week 3)
  183. What is your first reaction if a male stranger groped you?
  184. International Slumber Party
  185. Is your hair...
  186. Thimble?! I need no Thimble!
  187. --> ANTGD: Cycle 2 <-- (Week 2)
  188. When Can You Say I Love You?
  189. --> ANTGD: Cycle 2 <-- Voting Booth (Week 1)
  190. Do you watch TV?
  191. Do youu own a blackberry mobile?
  192. Viper (Mammon) Boy -or- Girl?
  193. the Seven Deadly Sins - which one have you commited recently?
  194. Evolution or Adam
  195. Have you ever thought of someone as a bishi (bishounen) in real life?
  196. Have you been overseas before?
  197. Varsity Students
  198. how fast do you type;p
  199. Do you still remember your childhood memories from when your are age 6 & below?
  200. What sport you currently into at the moment?
  201. Guys with long hair ..
  202. Msn Messenger Anyone...?
  203. Are you currently dating anyone?
  204. Weekdays or weekends??
  205. What type of parents do you have?
  206. Favorite Ladies of Uraboku
  207. Do you like nail polish on guys?
  208. Bisexuals people,do you tend more towards...
  209. Would you participate in a RPG on AF?
  210. How Is Ur City?
  211. Video Game poll: What do you do when you get stuck?
  212. If I opened a shop offering this...would you come?
  213. How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?
  214. Which manga and mangka would you like to be ?
  215. What's highest you ever BID in Aarin auctions...
  216. Medical Issues that's going on in the world today
  217. Can a otaku be a potential pedophile?
  218. Best eReader Device for reading Manga?
  219. uragiri wa boku
  220. Are you following the World Cup?
  221. What kind of shape do you want your man to be in?
  222. Girls do you think a guy should "service" you?
  223. "Aarinfantasy's Next Top Graphic Designer" Voting Booth (Week 7)
  224. What do you think of piercing/body modification?
  225. "Aarinfantasy's Next Top Graphic Designer" Voting Booth (Week 6)
  226. Do you cosplay?
  227. What are you?
  228. "Aarinfantasy's Next Top Graphic Designer" Voting Booth (Week 5)
  229. My ideal video game super "hero"!
  230. Would you be interested if I opened a shop for just animated sets?
  231. "Aarinfantasy's Next Top Graphic Designer" Voting Booth (Week 4)
  232. Let Me Touch Your Hair social group poll
  233. "Aarinfantasy's Next Top Graphic Designer" Voting Booth (Week 3)
  234. Do you like people?
  235. "Aarinfantasy's Next Top Graphic Designer" Voting Booth (Week 2)
  236. Using the Toilet With the Door Open
  237. What chores do you have?
  238. "Aarinfantasy's Next Top Graphic Designer" Voting Booth
  239. dad's loves daughter, mom loves son, do you agree?
  240. What is your race & ethnic heritage?
  241. Quote Shop Opening
  242. How many women wear a bra to bed?
  243. How People On Aarin Eat Meat?
  244. Manga first? Or Anime first?
  245. Has anyone asked you "Are you ever going to grow up?"
  246. Favorite section on Aarinfantasy
  247. Would you change your sex/gender ?
  248. How often do you drink alcohol?
  249. How many of these do you have in your room?
  250. Do you have a hard time remembering non-English names?