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  1. naruto ichigo or luffy
  2. What do you consider to be 'anime'?
  3. Which manga ending is worse: Naruto or bleach? *spoilers*
  4. Digital or Physical manga?
  5. What type of kagune would you have?
  6. Which Tokyo Ghoul character are you?
  7. If you could resurrect a Bleach character, who would it be?
  8. What Kind of "-dere" Character is Your Type?
  9. What is your favorite eye color on a bishie?
  10. One-eyed bishies - How do you like them?
  11. Which Shingeki no Kyojin Character are you?
  12. What is your relationship status looking at yaoi?
  13. Which Guitarist Would Win at Battle of the Bands?
  14. Hunter x Hunter: Favorite Adaption
  15. Find You In My Viewfinder Discussion
  16. Which Miyazaki/Ghibli movie creature should be an iShop CARD?
  17. Faster to read manga or watch anime?
  18. Junjou Romantica- your favorite pairing?
  19. Inazuma Eleven Traps
  20. Favorite Togainu no Chi character?
  21. The Saddest of them all
  22. Battle of the Basketball manga/anime!! KuroBas VS Slam Dunk!
  23. How do you hear anime?
  24. ZIP or RAR?
  25. Which one would be your Naruto guy?!
  26. The Anime Otaku-ness Test 200
  27. Manga addict? Anime addict? Or addicted to both?
  28. Which Tiger & Bunny Hero are you?
  29. Do you import anime and/or manga from Japan?
  30. Are you a fan of American voice actor Vic Mignogna
  31. When watching anime do you stay tuned to the 'scenses from our next episodes?'
  32. Is anyone else finding that they only watch an anime for one thing?
  33. Which main character do you want to die in Vampire Knight?
  34. If your bishie had any kind of ears, they would be...
  35. most popular yaoi mangas
  36. How old are you, 'Tiger and Bunny' fans?
  37. Your Favorite Tiger & Bunny heroes?
  38. Which do you prefer? Real Guys or A & M Guys?
  39. Which characters are your favourite in 07-Ghost
  40. Favorite Pair of Brothers
  41. Which Underrated Manga Do You Like Best?
  42. What new JUMP manga would you like to see licensed?
  43. Abridged vs. Abridged
  44. Get Backers : Anime or Manga?
  45. Have you cried after reading/watching a anime/manga?
  46. Which season of Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) did you like best
  47. Which singer from NANA is your favorite?
  48. Do You Like Togainu no Chi anime?
  49. Gay vs. Bi
  50. Whos your favrite charater from Peace maker?
  51. Who is the hottest bishie in Hakuouki anime?
  52. What Manga have youu read thats made you cry?
  53. The Ending of Katekyo Hitman Reborn
  54. Kuroshitsuji II ending good or bad?
  55. Poll: Claude or Sebastian?
  56. Claude San (^,-)
  57. Favorite Characters
  58. Best Accessories on a bishie
  59. One piece, Bleach or Shippuuden?
  60. What do you think of F/M/M threesomes in fanfiction?
  61. The Men of Uraboku
  62. Clamp Vs. Peach-Pit
  63. Soul Eater: Chrona (or Crona) Boy or Girl?
  64. Which do you prefer.. Neko Guy or Neko Girl?
  65. What anime has made youu cry?
  66. Villainous Pervert!
  67. Miki Shinichirō's harem
  68. Hate thread: Uraboku
  69. Have you seen Baccano! before?~
  70. Whats your favorite High School Anime?
  71. What is your favorite type of Anime?
  72. Have you ever dreamed about yourself being in an anime?
  73. KHR! Varia: What Marmon(Mammon)'s GENDER?
  74. Which do you prefer: art or story [manga wise]?
  75. Your favorite sports anime/manga?
  76. ‘Obscene’ Manga Collector Jailed 6 Months
  77. Favourite Decade of Anime?
  78. Fresh News of Code Geass
  79. Who's the hottest character in DGM?
  80. Among these series,which one has the hottest bishies?
  81. What age group do you tend to like your men to be in?
  82. Which has the best bishies: shounen or shoujo?
  83. If you had one choice which anime would you turn yaoi!
  84. Which Voice Actor(dubs) is your favorite?
  85. Who's the uke? Who's the seme?
  86. Is Kanda...? (D.Gray-man)
  87. Selfcest: the next twincest.
  88. Katekyo Hitman Reborn bishies! How old do you like them? *read first post*
  89. Which Shonen manga has the most hot bishies?
  90. Which super popular pairing are you TIRED of seeing and hearing about?!
  91. "Dragonball Evolution - The (real) movie" gonna watch it?
  92. Favorite Gundam Wing pairing?
  93. Favorite Gintama Character
  94. Anime in HD
  95. What is your favorite Genre of Manga/Anime?
  96. When you like an anime, do you try to read his original manga?
  97. Loyal yaoi fangirl - Do you hate Shoujo manga?
  98. When do you watch anime?
  99. Is Naru¢¾Sasu (becoming) canon?
  100. Hottest bishie in Katekyo Hitman Reborn ?
  101. Vampire Knight: Zero or Kaname? :D
  102. which anime character would u marry
  103. Do you hate it when a character's name spelled wrong?
  104. What's the bloodiest anime you've ever seen?
  105. Which long haired Bishie......
  106. Bleach Vs. Naruto
  107. Most Hated Stereotypical Anime Character
  108. Which anime character would you have sex with?
  109. In which Language Do You Read Manga? [Please Help me Find Spanish Scanlation Groups]
  110. [SPOILERS] Death Note: Whose death was more heart-wrenching? [SPOILERS]
  111. What Anime Would You Like To See Yaoi In?
  112. Best Anime Sound Tracks?!!
  113. subbed or dubbed?
  114. Favourite hair colour on a bishie?
  115. Fav Ouran High School Host Club Character?
  116. Favourite silver haired bishie?