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  1. Which CC parts do you like the most?
  2. Which Is Your Favourite Animal Boy?
  3. Anime Yaoi Game: Character Creator Or Not?
  4. Bara or Gay Manga?
  5. Chinese BL vs Japanese BL
  6. Which is the most popular Free pairing?
  7. Are you subscribed to yaoi amv MEP YT channels?
  8. Is yaoi porn?
  9. How obssessed are you with Yaoi?
  10. What do you care most about in your Yaoi?
  11. How attached are you to your favourite mangaka?
  12. How do people feel about Yaoi Anime?
  13. Who is your favourite Yaoi Manga-ka
  14. ✰::DRAMAtical Murder Fan-Poll::✰
  15. How do you hide yaoi on your computer?
  16. Which looks better?
  17. Homosexual-Themed BL Games?
  18. Do you purchase your yaoi?
  19. Ultimate true pairings [round 2]
  20. Should there be a yaoi equivalent to straight Hentai?
  21. Which one do you like more?
  22. Which character from Ai no Kusabi are you?
  23. Do you think Silver Chaos should be an anime?
  24. Which of the two do you like better?
  25. Long Hair VS Short Hair
  26. If you could be any BL character, who would you be in why?
  27. Yaoi fanservice
  28. Favorite Maki Murakami work?
  29. How does it feel being gay/homo couple?
  30. Introduction
  31. Are you a bigger fan of the emotional or physical bonds of couples?
  32. Survey on BL Doujinshi market
  33. Yaoi VS Shojo VS Otome Games
  34. Are you annoyed of the BL fanservice in a normal anime?
  36. Can you Pick Out the Incorrect use of the word Muster/Mustered?
  37. Junjou Romantica or Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi?
  38. Ai no Kusabi 2012 OVA 1: Fantastic or Cock-block?
  39. Just finished Tokyo Babylon!
  40. Which fujoshi type are you?
  41. Which is better? Mainstream manga being fan-made into yaoi or original yaoi manga?
  42. Which Togainu no Chi Character are you?
  43. Anyone know what is the title of this Yaoi?
  44. Why do you like yaoi?
  45. Suikoden Yaoi Pairings!
  46. Favorite yaoi mangas?
  47. What characters from any anime would you like to become a yaoi couple?
  48. Which Medium do You like your Yaoi in?
  49. would you be the main character in a yaoi?
  50. Can anyone help me, looking for one Yaoi...
  51. seme or uke? which will you chose
  52. Fangirls' opinion on guys watching yaoi/shounen-ai
  53. Buying Shota Doujinshis, good idea?
  54. Vocals or Visuals?
  55. Who is your favorite artist?
  56. NO!!!!! How dare they?
  57. Whose case is your favorite?
  58. Have you ever tried a yaoi game?
  59. Who's your Favourite pair?
  60. Yaoi Fanboys Embassy
  61. Does you're family knows?. . .
  62. Who's your favorite Warui Koto Shitai pairing?
  63. Favorite Sekaiichi Hatsukoi couple
  64. In real life, what would you be?
  65. Your DREAM seme
  66. MANLY ukes VS GIRLY ukes
  67. Students and teachers
  68. Would like be different if you didnt discover yaoi?
  69. If you were forced to choose between BARA and SHOTA?
  70. conSENSUAL
  71. Better as semes or ukes?
  72. Do you like Tsuzuki as the uke? (seme becomes the uke?)
  73. Reversed... Cute Seme & the manly uke !?
  74. Things that rarely happen in yaoi and things overdone on yaoi?
  75. Who falls first... Seme or Uke..?
  76. Ygallery is shutting down
  77. Rape and Shota in Yaoi
  78. Who's Your Favorite Kuroshitsuj Couple?
  79. body type in yaoi
  80. How does one pronounce the word 'yaoi'?
  81. Sadahiro Mika
  82. Do your friends know about your Yaoi obsession?
  83. Yellow A quick question
  84. Who is you favorite Uke?
  85. Yaoi for a fangirl like me :3
  86. Koisuru Boukun Video
  87. Sexiest Part in Shounen Maid Kuro Kun Anime
  88. Bishie-con
  89. How do you like in your uke? Bookish? Fem-boy? Jock? Loud-mouthed brat?
  90. How big of a height difference do you like between your seme and uke?
  91. What are you top Moe yaoi moments?
  92. Uke or Seme? 18+
  93. Who are fans of The Tyrant Who Falls in Love?
  94. Who do you believe is the most twisted character in Togainu no Chi?
  95. HP vs DM: Who is Seme & who is Uke?
  96. If you were born the opposite sex, would you still like yaoi?
  97. What kind of BL game would sound AWESOME?
  98. Should There Be More Fantasy Yaoi?
  99. Who is the better older seme?
  100. yaoi artists to shoujo artists
  101. Dubbed yaoi anime?
  102. Slashable Sports
  103. YAOI!!!!!!! awesome & amazing or weird & perverted
  104. Boku no Pico or Shounen Maid Kuro kun?
  105. How did you get into the world of yaoi?
  106. vote for your Favorite UraBoku couple(s)
  107. Anticlimactic Ending?
  108. Yaoi Con
  109. Bara? Or no Bara?
  110. Uke always stripped of his clothes butt the seme stays fully dressed! xD
  111. What are your favorite yaoi couples?
  112. Are you glad that people have stopped making "Yaoi Hate" topics?
  113. Happy or sad?
  114. Asia Vs Western Manga
  115. Harvest Moon yaoi?
  116. Star Ocean
  117. Which Nittle Grasper Member would you like a picture with?
  118. Who is the uke, Shizuo or Izaya?
  119. Fairy Tail Yaoi Pairs and Pics
  120. Whats your favorite Naruto Yaoi Pairing?
  121. KHR! Yaoi: VARiA COUPLEs
  122. KHR!Yaoi: TSUNAs PAiRiNGs! XD
  123. If you had to choose between Junjou Romantica 3 and Ouran High School Host Club 2
  124. KHR! YAOI: 8018 or 8059? XD
  125. Force Sex on Yaoi: Agree or Disagree?
  126. Does Yaoi sexually arouses you? (Girls only)
  127. Do You Think Yaoi Is Gay Porn?
  128. Unexpected Motherhood (Mpreg)
  129. Hardcore yaoi: Would you be interested?
  130. Only Ok for Girls?
  131. Which Character Would You Like as a Pet?
  132. Are you a true Junjou Romantica Fan?
  133. The gayest Soul Calibur 4 character
  134. Which is the Worst!
  135. Fanart vs. Fanfiction
  136. Pros and Cons of JR Characters
  137. Who's the best pair for Fei Long?
  138. How Often Do You Log Onto Aarinfantasy?
  139. Whats your favourite Harry Potter pairing?
  140. Nightrunner series
  141. Sasunaru vs Narusasu
  142. Tentacle MUST rape! [+18]
  143. Death with sex / Sex with Death: Is it hot or not?
  144. what kind of seme or uke are you?
  145. Which Ouran High School Host Club chracter are you?
  146. What is ur fave yaoi?
  147. Favorite GH Couple!!
  148. When do you fall in love with this anime?
  149. What's your favorite fanfiction?
  150. What would be the ideal setting IF there is a there is a third season
  151. How Do You Get Your Yaoi Fix?
  152. Junjou Romantica = Make Your Own Game
  153. What do you like most about Mirage of Blaze?
  154. Which junjou romantica character are you ?
  155. Scanlations help drives Licensed title sales?
  156. Voice-actor for Iason (2009)
  157. Who is more Brutal?
  158. Katekyo Hitman Reborn bishies, How old do you like them II *deja vu*
  159. katekyo Hitman Reborn Hottest bishies! Part II *please read first post*
  160. What kind of "Forbidden Love" do you prefer?
  161. Fav Yaoi Position(s) + ways= +18
  162. Who's Your Favorite Junjou Couple?
  163. Do you want Loveless season 2???
  164. which junjou romantica episode do you like the best and why??
  165. which one of the boku no pico ova's are ur fav?? and why...
  166. Yuki or Shuichi?
  167. Why Yaoi and not Yuri?
  168. Enzai's Favorite Pair Part Deux!
  169. Better : Anime or Game
  170. not a story... but personality quiz..??
  171. Kurama;Seme or uke?(yu yu hakusho poll)
  172. Your fave sexual activity in yaoi [18+]
  173. Who watch/read yaoi at school/work? ***gasp*** :O
  174. Do you wish you never discovered yaoi?
  175. Which Bad Luck Character...
  176. why must tentacle rape????? [18+]
  177. Ouran high school host club, who would you choose as your Host?
  178. Have you ever had a "real" yaoi dream?
  179. How Much Do You Understand?
  180. <<KKM pairing>> Yuuram/Wolfyuu vs Conyuu or Conwolf
  181. Who is your FAVORITE Junjou Romantica character?
  182. Is doujinshi too expensive? PLEASE READ.
  183. Do you like feminine men?
  184. Who is your favorite Queer as Folk character?
  185. What is your favorite BL anime?
  186. Shibuya Yuuri: Seme or Uke? [PLEASE RE-VOTE]
  187. Favorite Katekyo Hitman Reborn pairing?
  188. How do you feel about yaoi being created by women for women?
  189. What Over Used Yaoi Phrase Are You?
  190. Are you a seme or a uke? (exhaustive and precise poll)
  191. Does the Seme make the Uke or does the Uke make the Seme?
  192. Do you like Sararegi (Sara) from Kyo Kara Maoh
  193. Your favourite couple in Junjou Romantica
  194. What kind of Seme/Uke are you? (QUIZ)
  195. Would you show yaoi to your Grandparents?
  196. bleach wierd pairings?
  197. When reading Yaoi, are you a Bee or Butterfly?
  198. What shounen-ai series is your favorite?
  199. How big of a yaoi fan r u =O
  200. Hisoka/Tsuzuki
  201. Sukisyo Couples?
  202. *~*Do yaoi fans also like yuri?*~*
  203. Sukisyo - Sora/Sunao or Yoru/Ran?
  204. What Would Your Loveless Team Name Be?
  205. Who is the seme, Renji or Byakuya?
  206. Favorite Togainu no Chi Pairing...
  207. The Seme/Uke rule... do you respect it?
  208. which SEME would you submit to?
  209. Vampires or Werewolves which do you want in yaoi more or both
  210. Yaoi Roleplaying
  211. L and Raito - Who's Uke, who's Seme?
  212. Does Your Family Know of Your Yaoi Addiction?
  213. if u were a guy, uke or seme ?
  214. Favourite Kyou Kara Maou pairings(Pls read 1st post)
  215. Did you tell your parent about yaoi?
  216. Do you prefer yaoi or shounen ai?
  217. Best Bleach yaoi pairing (seme and uke are interchangable)
  218. Threesomes in yaoi
  219. Your Favourite Gakuen Heaven boy?
  220. Which yaoi sex scene is better?
  221. Yamane Ayano: Which of her works is your most fav?!
  222. In a yaoi pair, would you rather be the... SEME, or the UKE?
  223. What Yaoi Stereotype do you dislike most?
  224. your favorite yaoi-shounen ai mangaka
  225. Bleach yaoi pairings? ^_^
  226. Worst Yaoi anime of all times
  227. Who here likes turning...?
  228. Would you ever give up yaoi if your spouse disapproved?
  229. What was your very FIRST yaoi/shonen-ai anime?
  230. Naruto Yaoi Fandom Pairings! W00T!
  231. If you like yaoi, then.........?
  232. How old were you when you had your first yaoi experience?
  233. Do you pair normal anime's as yaoi couples?
  234. What's your fave uke type?
  235. Who is Your Favourite Seme?
  236. THE BEST YAOI ANIME!!The BIGGEST question of all
  237. So, how do you Yaoi fans feel about Yuri?