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  1. Heaven Farm - Adonis Entertainment
  2. Need help for omega vampire ^^
  3. Game Suggestions
  4. NIGHT/SHADE: You're the Drug, 18+ BL VN in development!
  5. One day left for Sinsations Kickstarter
  6. New game by Parade LKYT.
  7. VNR not translating properly
  8. VNR English Translations
  9. Osu-Boys! ~Ikemen Ryoujoku☆Paradise!!~
  10. Defying Heaven’s Will (Murder Mystery Xianxia BL Game)
  11. Mister Versatile Game Demo
  12. Mannequin Academy (OMEGAVERSE YAOI BL Visual Novel)
  13. Mangagamer licensing survey 2020
  14. Omerta ~chinmoku no okite~ cant get good end of asuza
  15. Custom Click! Husbando maker game
  16. PARADISE - possible English localization and crowdfunding !!!!
  17. CAGE -CLOSE- Trial Version Translation Patch
  18. VR Kareshi ( New Game to come in 2020 )
  19. Hashihime of the Old Book Town released!!
  20. Tokyo Onmyouji Translation Project
  21. Found
  22. Banana Ranch (English 18+ Yaoi / BL Dating sim)
  23. Lamento trypophobia?
  24. [itch.io] Share Your BL Game/VN Collections (+ Discuss Games)
  25. [REQUEST] Hanakage Ochita Mitsuka
  26. Crowdfunding campaign for English release of Beast x Light
  27. 贄の町 Nie no Machi Walkthrough Help
  28. Beyond Eden
  29. 贄の町 Nie no machi translation searching for team
  30. Has anyone played Nie no Machi? I need help with understanding a few things...
  31. "Patient S"?
  32. The Divine Speaker - a Fantasy 18+ BL Visual Novel now on Kickstarter
  33. Omega Vampire - English Translation in VNR
  34. A Visual Novel I Now Can't Find
  35. Any fluffy games?
  36. I-DUEL: A Battle for Stardom!
  37. MangaGamer 2019 licensing survey
  38. Visual Novel Game: Sakura Tempest - DEMO AVAILABLE -
  39. Sweet Pool old version
  40. Gakuen Heaven: Mixed Edition - English patch (day one available!)
  41. How do I get access to my UCB Control Panel?
  42. Togainu no Chi - new to this whole VN endings thing
  43. Sweet Pool available on Steam!
  44. The Divine Speaker (English Yaoi/BL Visual Novel) in Development!
  45. Are there any bl visual novels in mandarin in here?
  46. NO, THANK YOU!!! available on Steam?!
  47. To create game or not to create game
  48. Nie no machi translation
  49. What BL game should I translate?
  50. Straight!? Visual Novel by Aaryn on Patreon
  51. [Help] Bois (Karin Entertainment) (shota warning)
  52. Help with Sukisho
  53. [HELP] Sakura Yuki Disc 2
  54. Kakoi -Enclosure- English patch (2019-06-10 full patch released!)
  55. Compilation of major current English- or multi-language BL projects
  56. VRoid Studio: Draw Your 3D Models!
  57. Luckydog1 being localised by Mangagamer!
  58. JAST BLUE announced the complete Nitro+CHiRAL catalouge
  59. Please help me, im a noob
  60. Differences/Additions to the PS Vita version of Sweet Pool?
  61. Nekojishi-ENG
  62. Nitro+Chiral April Fools 2018?
  63. Management by Hesoten/Syunta_87 Walkthrough/Instructions
  64. Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino translation patch : beta version released
  65. Possible OFFICIAL Gakuen Heaven English translation being considered?
  66. sweet pool getting a remaster?
  67. Mahoutsukai to Tenshi to Akuma ~Two Choices of Destiny~
  68. Ego to Koukai no Dilemma
  69. Love&Destroy News and CAGE -SCHOOL- new version
  70. English Patch: Omertà ~chinmoku no omite ~translation project
  71. BL Games [ENG]
  72. Sweet Pool is getting an official translation by JAST
  73. Scratch the game - please help
  74. To Trust an Incubus Yaoi Game Kickstarter
  75. ESCAPE save data
  76. play without installing?
  77. Mangagamer's Survey
  78. BL game kiss sounds?
  79. Trying to begin a new project. [Encrypted]
  80. Guide Request - Omega Vampire
  81. Shinoda Shinkjuku Tantei Jimusho BL Game
  82. Nie no Machi (New BL game from ZOMBILiCA)
  83. Which are some Yaoi games I definitely should try?
  84. Anyone want to help translate a Bara VN "Me and My Magical Boyfriends"
  85. S-Tripper Save data
  86. Quick question about Hadaka Shitsuji
  87. silver chaos eternal fantasia
  88. Need Walkthrough Shura no Fude and Naburi Yuugi
  89. Need Walkthrough Underground Campaign and Nudist
  90. When do you consider that you have finished a Visual Novel?
  91. Things You're Expecting in a BL game
  92. Gay Harem online game
  93. Bloody Chain
  94. Angel's Feather translation project!
  95. Houseki no hakoniwa
  96. Good News( Room No. 9 news)
  97. Hadaka Shitsuji Fandisk Eng patch?
  98. New Pil/Slash game: Paradise
  99. Omega Vampire [VNR]
  100. Omega Vampire
  101. Omega Vampire
  102. [Kickstarter] ☆ GRAND!! ☆ An English 18+ BL/Yaoi Visual Romance Novel
  103. [Kickstarter] ☆ GRAND!! ☆ An English 18+ BL/Yaoi Visual Romance Novel
  104. List of free download BL games
  105. Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite Finished Save File?
  106. Non-VN Boys Love games
  107. Paradise
  108. JOAT Translations looking for active JP->EN translators! (Sukisho/Sukisyo franchise)
  109. Sakura Tempest Yaoi Visual Novel R18 *ENGLISH*
  110. [Kickstarter] Full Service ☆ English BL/Yaoi/Gay Game
  111. Making Translation Patches
  112. BL Game H-Codes List
  113. Your top 5 yaoi/BL Game Songs
  114. Omega Vampire Game Review?
  115. Omega Vampire help
  116. BL/Yaoi vs Otome
  117. Chess of Blades (English BL 18+ VN) (Released!!) (Free demo!)
  118. Superbia - English Indie Game
  119. Togainu no Chi True Blood translation project
  120. Flash yaoi games
  121. need a step to step guide on DMMD installation.
  122. where can i download Dramatical murders game?
  123. Omerta Code:Tycoon english translation- VNR
  124. Room No. 9
  125. Game patch help
  126. Where can I download Enzai : Falsely Accused? (English)
  127. Nonke Ippatsu Tabehoudai - New game from Astray
  128. AHH!! New 18+ Yaoi game in development! ajfajfjbef
  129. DRAMAtical Murder Translation Project [Help Needed]
  130. Kanojo o Netotta Yarichin Otoko o Mesu Ochisaseru Made (YariMesu)
  131. New NitroChiral Release of older games?
  132. I'm trying for Erotomania
  133. Legend of Rune - A New BL/Yaoi Visual Novel - Now on KS!
  134. Feral boyfriend MOBILE GAME
  135. Pigeon Blood Translation Project
  136. NEW DEMO [Sentimental Trickster] yaoi game + BL fantasy dating sim
  137. Hadaka Shitsuji & Hadaka Shitsuji ~Yarashitsuji & Yasashitsuji~ English Ver. Licensed
  138. Cool-B Magazine BL Visual Novel Poll
  139. Started playing Lamento and..
  140. Gakuen Heaven 2 ~ FULL ENGLISH PATCH (released 29 Sep 2018)
  141. Embedded translations in VNR
  142. Vn related questions
  143. Buying BL games in Japan
  144. Omega Vampire
  145. Any games with furigana?
  146. Room No.9 - New game from parade
  147. Monstrous Lovers- New Boys' Love Visual Novel on indiegogo
  148. REVELATION: Mysterious Energy -- 18+ BL game in development by AchillusGame
  149. Another game in English: Opinions please :)
  150. Slow Damage - New N+C game
  151. Solstice: English mystery VN with a gay protagonist
  152. Any walkthroughs/guides for Cocoon?
  153. Puppyshipping - Dueling With Hearts - DEMO
  154. Hanamachi Monogatari
  155. You and Me might be the best thing
  156. Break Chance Memento
  157. Nitro+ Global Site
  158. Looking for Chinese translator for Knight's Diary BL game demo
  159. Kichiku Megane on VNR
  160. Lamento - Beyond the Void - Bardo CG Question
  161. Artificial Academy 2 + Yaoi Mod Ver.2
  162. Dmmd reconnect quit working
  163. Taiiku Kyoushi Kiwame
  164. Starting a BL, 3D, action/adventure game
  165. New Hadaka Shitsuji Game? (Prequel?)
  166. Taisho Mebiusline Fandisk
  167. Seiyuu Danshi! (English 18+ Yaoi / BL Dating sim) [NOW RELEASED!]
  168. Is there like...NO super interactive Yaoi/BL game out there?!
  169. Can anyone give me their Si-Nis-Kanto saves/unlocks?
  170. Hustle Cat: a web-based Visual Novel about a magical cat cafe!
  171. Nitro+ 2015 catalogue
  172. BL VN translations?
  173. Visual Novel Reader (VNR)
  174. Galtia Translation Project
  175. Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ on VNR!! Translation Project
  176. PIL/SLASH's new sister site PIL-VAMP + New Game
  177. Nitro+ Chiral 10th Anniversary
  178. HELP!! Witch Boy Magical Piece English Translation Kickstarter!
  179. Kagen no Koi (夏幻の恋) engine
  180. Help about Kichiku Megane
  181. DRAMAtical Murder Auto Text
  182. Where I can get BL Game's BGM
  183. Free! Arabian Nights Beta [a doujin game]
  184. Actual Game-play in a Visual Novel???
  185. Gakuen Heaven 2 is getting translated
  186. Ariard Shounen Alice Script?
  187. Lamento Translation Patch Release
  188. [WIP] HadakaVM - Play Hadaka Shitsuji on Linux/OS X/Windows/(Android)
  189. [Latte] Ariard Shonen Alice - Under The Rose
  190. How To Change The Text In The Visual Novel [DRAMAtical Murder] [ENG->RUS]
  191. Bacchikoi Walkthrough
  192. Sweet Pool Help?
  193. What BL Game Would You Like Translated?
  194. "No install required" games?
  195. Day's Eye Walkthrough
  196. Hadaka Shitsuji - English GUI/Image Patch
  197. Need help with Kichiku Megane Translation : About RLDEV & SCRIPT
  198. Heimskringla [TYRANT]
  199. NewWorldOrder~天上の銃弾~ [LoveDelivery]
  200. Eroi Senpai... translation
  201. Anyone have the script for Laughter Land?
  202. This Year's N+C April Fool's Game
  203. Download DMMD bug free?
  204. Maison de M English Patch [Incomplete]
  205. Koshotengai no Hashihime
  206. Silver Chaos 2 game question
  207. Artificial Academy 2 + Yaoi
  208. Tsumi Naru Rasen ni Ori- Whisper of Iscariot-
  209. Mizutama Summer memory
  210. MangaGamer 2015 Licensing Survey
  211. Male character for mugen ryona
  212. Boku to Kare no Kiken na Doukyo Seikatsu guide?
  213. a BL game that you'd like to see
  214. Togainu no Chi French Translation Project
  215. Tokyo Onmyouji walkthrough
  216. pil/slah Pigeon Blood Game Faq
  217. Hinata no Tsuki walkthrough?
  218. Feedback Requested For BL Game In Development!
  219. Shingakkou English patch/translation ?
  220. Togainu no Chi: True blood - what happens?
  221. DMMd Translation Project [ENG->GER]
  222. Promoting indie BL games makers
  223. Bacchikoi Save Patch
  224. Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai! (Sukisho) ~ First Limit - Complete Patch
  225. Kintouka (きんとうか)
  226. Download recorded Play throughs
  227. Hearts Under Blades
  228. Help in finding good BL games
  229. DRAMAtical Murder: Endings
  230. Dally Dash Walkthrough
  231. Some uncensored dmmd cgs + 1 bonus
  232. Togainu no Chi missing Keisuke CG
  233. Japanese dramatical murder download version?
  234. Is Gen Urobuchi the director of NITRO+chiral games?
  235. Omerta chinmoku no okite Legacy
  236. Kisetsu wa Ma no Tsuku Yume Kibun translation request
  237. Lucky Dog 1 Contest and Fanbook
  238. Summer Day - English Patch RELEASED 8/2/14
  239. Ie Tatemasu: Translation
  240. Lucky Dog 1 interview
  241. Tokyo Omyouji Patch Maybe?
  242. Shingakkou Translation & VNR (?)
  243. Hanamachi Monogatari Box
  244. Sleepover - Save/Load Patch
  245. DRAMAtical Murder Fan Games
  246. New BL VN: Parallel World: In the Dream
  247. Nano(Togainu no Chi) in real life
  248. Mobile apps and games?
  249. 貴方日記~ユーフォリア~
  250. Question for Lamento fans