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Did anyone else get Dissidia yet? =D

  1. Mellusia
    I know for people who imported the game, that Dissidia's release in North America isn't much to gawk over, but if you're like me who patiently waited months and months to play the game you can actually understand, then you know I'm so friggin' ecstatic to have it now

    So anyone else get it yet?
  2. ahgreg
    The english version is now available for download at Hako's website.
    Hako Free PSP Games And Movies: Dissidia Final Fantasy USA FULL ISO 1.53 GB

    I hate Squall's voice actor. The Jap version sounded so cool and serious. Here he just sounds like an overgrown and smug emo boy.

    Tidus's voice actor is stil the same from the original game, though I think his voice has changed a bit over the years.
  3. Mellusia
    Honestly, I thought the English voice actors weren't too bad this time around in Dissidia. I usually have a pre-conditioned Japanese > English mentality since it usually proves to be true, but I'm not gonna be hating it in this game. I guess the voice actors finally got enough practice in their past castings o.o

    ...But yeah, I still liked the Japanese ones better than the English ones >.<

    I recognize the one doing Squall's voice from Kingdom Hearts, and Cloud and Sephiroth's are the same guys from the FFVII compilation. There's also Cecil and Golbez's voice actors from the DS version of FFIV, and Tidus and Jecht are the same of course from FFX, so meh *shrugs*

    I liked Firion's voice too ^^

    I haven't played the game too much yet, but I've really enjoyed it so much. If nothing else, it's just so pretty :3
  4. spirited_soul
    I just got it and I love the characters especially Cloud

    I am confused by the story mode BUT I am loving this game. The graphics and battles are the best!
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