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Which pair do you like ?

  1. Niahary
    I was thinking of it, as this BL has such surprising and often cute couple. So which one do you like ?
    Although I love, luv, both of the series, But I prefer sex pistol tehehehe....

    And the pairing I love the most is Hiromasa x Shima ~XD
  3. MidnightxPoker
    Love Mode's my favourite of the two. I'm an absolute sucker for Aoe/Noaya. I-It's just so adorable~ The perfect mixture of angst (at least on poor Noaya's behalf) and fluff.
    And although I can't remember their names, in LM, the couple that only came up in one chapter. The one with the guy working for Aoe and the sick guy. That one just broke my heart.

    In SP, I really love Nori, but I've never been too fond of Kunimasa. Still, I suppose just because I love Nori so much, that pairing is my favourite.
  4. Tetsu
    I like Love Mode best & my fav couple are & always will be Aoe/Noaya!
  5. tuti
    Sex Pistols <3 Madarame Yonekuni -Shiro (president) <3
  6. donald
    i think this boys love is one of best boys i read!the story is interesting and very funny,the boys are handsome ,mostly yonekuniiiii!!!he is my favourite
    but my favourite pairing is the parents of kunimasa and yonekuni!maximilian and david
  7. fizlpop
    it has got to be yonekuni and the chairman/president ther soo cute
    but you got to love maximillan because of his arsom name
  8. sakuraShuurei
    thank goodness i found this group. I thought I would have to set up one for Ze. So can I talk about Ze here?
  9. nikerochan
    can't choose!! i like them both. from love mode, the pairing that always make me curious is kuniaki jinai and katsuki kyousuke. from sex pistols , it has got to be inchou and yonekuni. sutteki!!
  10. Neon
    Yonekuni & Shirou from Sex Pistols (They will always top in my favorite pairings list) :3
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