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What do you love the most about Kakashi?

  1. hidekineko
    Is it that..
    - he hides behind that mask of his?
    - he's a perv with his make-out paradise books
    - he cool and safisticated =3
    - that all the women love him

    what do youu love ?
  2. charo
    hello! thank you for accept me i love kakashi he is sexy copy ninja of hidden leaf village (to my eyes) i was thinking about request new kakashi card: with sharingan eye for L6 or L7? i would love to hear your opinions and thoughts. i also will put new thread about new kakashi card and hear from aarin members's opinions and thoughts. *^__^*
  3. Maylani
    hi you two thanks for accepting me i love kakashi... because... because that's how it is i love his style, his sharingan eye and so on

    about a L6 / L7 card for kakashi: that's a great idea! i hope we will see him one day as a card with sharingan eye
  4. hidekineko
    Heyaa both of youu..
    im glad that youu wanted to join this group ^^

    Umm about the L6/L7 cards, ii cant really answer anything about
    that for youu.. because im sort of new to this ii dont know how to
    get them or anything..
    but if youu guys do could youu message me andd tell me how xD

    Kuu-Chann =3
  5. Maylani
    i don't know either how to do this i'm sorry but maybe charo knows how?
  6. hidekineko
    Itss okayy now ive found out how ^^
    youu go onto ishop at the top.. and youu use your points
    to get whichever ones youu want =3
  7. charo
    i know how to buy card. right now we have kakashi Lv2 card in iShop. i want to have kakashi card with sharingan eye means maybe L5 to L8.

    one way: wait for aarinfantasy to open the thread: "suggestion new card" then we can request for new card and high level for kakashi. but "suggestion new card" thread is already over. we have to wait for aarinfantasy to announce the new card thread.

    other way: to request to make new kakashi with sharingan eye for high level: use our points to make custom card. it is expensive. here is the sample:

    You can now "buy" the option to submit cards to the iShop for others to buy.

    Cards start off at 5 Million and increases 5 million for each level you want to submit.
    Level 1 = 5 million
    Level 2 = 10 million
    Level 3 = 15 million
    Level 4 = 20 million
    Level 5 = 25 million
    Level 6 = 30 million
    Level 7 = 35 million
    Level 8 = 40 million
    Level 9 = 45 million
    Level 10 = 50 million
    No Mascot/Pets card for now

    Comes with stock of 50 cards.
    We will restock for you for free when we restock everything else.
    You will get the card for free.
    You can pool your points together among 3 people max and all 3 will get a card free.
    All cards will be created by Aarin.
    We will set the price depending on level.
    PM in your character/picture to both ME and AARINFANTASY.
    Send your credits once we say we will work on it.

    i know it is no way to use our points. we need more people to vote and share points. maybe not then wait until aarinfantasy announces: suggestion new card thread. it is free but we need many votes so aarinfantasy will make free kakashi with sharingan eye card. sorry for a long message! *^__^*
  8. Maylani
    hey thanks for all the info sadly i can't effort a card myself, since i only got about 300,000 points yet i hope the thread where we can make suggestions will open soon again
  9. charo
    this is link for suggestion new card but it is closed. wait for aarinfantasy to open again so we can request new high level kakashi card for free.
    i will keep on eye on this thread. i will let you know all here and your PM. OK?
  10. Maylani
    it would be great when you write me a pm, when the suggestion is open again, thanks
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