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What do you love the most about Kakashi?

  1. trullikoi
    Hihi! I love Kakashi's VOICE the most!! *squee* I like everything about Kakashi, but his voice and cool demeanor are the things I like most!
  2. charo
    hello *^__^* everyone!
    there is possible for new high level Kakashi card coming up...i don't know when aarinfantasy will make this card...
    keep you posted!
  3. AlexiaLee
    Hi guys !
    Thanks for add me ♥
    Let's see, what I love about Kakashi sensei???
    It must be his beautiful body, cool attitude, flashy appearance in the middle of chunin exam, his lots of partners (both female/male)... well I think, it must be his overwhelming smexiness (ohhhhh that body... and his face... and... well enough of fangirl sigh)
  4. charo
    ***scream as fangirl***
    i agree with you about kakashi's overwhelming smexiness!
  5. hidekineko
    @AlexiaLee No problem im glad youu wanted to join ^-^
    Another Kakashi fangirl WOOHOO x3 I totally agree with youu also
  6. egetsunaikeike
    I have to agree on the voice.....Kazuhiko Inoue is one of my all-time favorite seiyuus!!!! He fits Kakashi's image so well, ne?

    I'm going to sound all poetic right now: I love Kakashi's duality the most. I love how he can go from a slightly pervy, cool, laid-back guy into a serious, "master of deception" ninja with the ultra-cool sharingan (which, by the way, I like much better on him than on Sasuke.....I don't know why, but it fits him better in my mind). I think it's great how he can go from kinda shy in some situations to super-assertive in others. He's my ideal man
  7. chunkun
    um...like he is older, his gray hair, the mask, the scar in the eye, i love mans with eyepatch or hiding one eye, and well he its so amazing, have a good fighting style, little perv and looks amazing in the ANBU uniform **
  8. Yippy123
    What's not to love about Kakashi?

    The way he looks for starters, sugoi!. I like his hair style although i think it could have been better if was a different colour? The white makes him look really old D: His demeanor, a sly cheeky fun side and is not so serious all the time. He also puts friendships first, like that test he did with the two bells on Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, shows how caring he can be. His voice too, just smexy ^^
  9. charo
    Have you see Kakashi's face? No mask! He looks so gorgeous!
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