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Tu viens mon chéri?

  1. ken
    Rena is banned because poor Sef
  2. accatone
    Ren is banned cuz give the boy a cake before he collapses.
    Ken is banned cuz *fan him with a magazine.*
  3. renaru
    acca-sama is banned because *hands ken a cake and crawls back into bed* when i wake up... my headache will be gone. *kisses everyone*
  4. sef
    acca-chan is banned for more meat??? *drools*

    renny swoosher, you are having headache? you need water dosage.
  5. ken
    Accatone is banned because >/////< I just love cake And don't remind me of that magazine >////<!!!
    Rena is banned because Great rest Yay cake!!
    Sef for making me edit, meat lover
  6. accatone
    Ken is banned cuz that was soft. and how about this table?
  7. sef
    acca-chan is banned for yippeeeeee.......who's going to do the cooking, i don't eat them raw XD
  8. accatone
    Sef is banned cuz not me, girl! I go to read a manga.
  9. sef
    acca-chan is banned for eh?! am no good in cooking meat XD
    Have fun reading
    *pouts and grow mushroom in a corner*

    EDIT: keeps growing mushroom while lying on bed XD
  10. ken
    Sef is banned because that was soft!!!
    Hm it's good, and a meat lover who doesn't cook meat well?!
    And no sweets there!
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