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What couples do you love?

  1. Ayumik
    I love Grimmie..with anyone!! Mainly with Ichigo I guess Or Ulqui :3
    And you? What couple do you like?
  2. PrincessAkimoto
    Yes mainly Ichigo cause Ichigo is my like Grimmjow is yours. but, I think I sort of told you on the post, you posted
  3. Muraki3
    i would love to see dat smexy Grimmjow X ichigo or Ulgui nd....nd *evil smirk* how about Byakuya?!
    ~ meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelts by cell!
  4. Scampykitty
    Grimmjow would look good with anyone! Ulqui would too, *sighs* omg if the two were to be together i would have life fullfillment right then and there Btw thanks for inviting me
  5. Ayumik
    Ah ppl I love you! I already told you but doesn´t matter - ANOTHER GREAT THANKS for everyone and anyone who joins

    Well, I love Grimmjow with Ulqiorra too but still... my life fullfillment would come if Grimm at least kissed that Ichigo or sth..

    Hey, and what do you think about Ichigo and Rukia?? - that girl is kinda ruining my dreams

    Oh, by the way I just came back from comics salon - feast of fantasy and anime - and if you could just see it - sooo many Bleach cosplays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Even Grimmie!!!!!!!
  6. GokuderaLia
    ~GrimmjowXIchigo all the way.
  7. icyburn
    is there one single man in this freakin' hot anime which makes you not drowning in a pool of your own drool???? (or blood from extreme nosebleed, fufufu)
    i nearly love every single one of them... sooooooooo sexy.... if i had to choose my favs.... they would be


    --> mixed up in every possible combination *starting to droool again*

    oh and not to forget..... this damn firm a** of my toushiro-darling *awwwww*

    i never seen a straight anime with such an enomous amount of incredible hot guys in it.... *melts away* --> pls search under my desk for contact -.-
  8. Sasheenka
    Grimmjow/Ichigo is THE HOTNESS!!!! I totally loved the way Grimmi spoke and acted towards Ichigo during their fight in Hueco Mundo.

    My other two favourite couples are Renji/Byakuya and Gin/Kira.

    i never seen a straight anime with such an enomous amount of incredible hot guys in it
    SO TRUE!!!!!
  9. MegaMaz
    Hello all! Fellow GrimmIchi-fan here!

    XD I absolutely love Ichigo with the majority of the characters... Accept for some. I don' like ByaIchi...

    GrimmIchi, is my absolute fave though...I keep going back to it, but when it's not GrimmIchi
    HichiIchi, because self-cest is the smex...
    IchiKon, same but not quite the same reasoning as above...XD
    ZanIchi, because I love hot older men...

    Not quite as loved, but hot all the same...

    And my crack...my lovely crack!
    , ya read those right~!

    , thanks in no small part to this hot fic on ff.net...

    Recent manga chapters are leaving me almost aching for some ShunsuiStarrk loving, please!

    ...and just because they're wolf and panther, some StarrkGrimm

    ...at one point or another, I'll get some more faves...but yeah, GrimmIchi, when I'm not in a mood for something different...
  10. uniQ
    This one. And most of the combination's.
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