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What couples do you love?

  1. Ayumik
    ah yeah, i am glad for new members!!

    , what did you mean by the contact under the table?? (okay, maybe i am just stupid -please explain ) . otherwise, itīs such a good choise of words - i am always drowning while watching them!

    Hn, I just read one story on adultFF with Kira and Starrk..so right now i am totally captivated by them!! And I even started to write a story bout those two lool

    Hn, I think I love all the charac of Bleach..why not ByaIchi??
    Had I have to tell you one chara I donīt so love..maybe Chad..(shame on me, I am sorry-sorry-sorry) *bows low, and again and again*
  2. MegaMaz
    ....I don' like ByaIchi because I never could like those long-haired, uptight Bishies, especially if they look girly in some lights...and Byakuya fights too much like a girl!

    Don't kill me!
  3. Ayumik
    Ah, poor Bya.. did u hear it? you was said to be girly....
    i don t know, i don t think of him as "girly"... maybe because I klike him with ichigo, and there he would be the active (seme) ... though with renji he gotta be the passive (uke) ..but still i don t think he is girly.. I reallz like him... and i lvoe long hair too
  4. Reasonfalling
    Grimmichi ftw!!!
  5. Merelyna
    GrimmUlqui owns!!!! One of the best pairings ever (in my opinion)!!!!!!!
    It's like I'm in seventh heaven....
  6. seximonki1989
    Grimm/Ichi is THE best! And Grimm/Ulquiorra is a close second. But then again theres always Grimm/Ulqui/Ichi. *fans self* Hotttttttt!
  7. arisa4
    GrimmIchi of course XD They're the best! And the second is... AizenGrimm =^^= for me~ Or IlfortGrimm~ (L)

    but... GO GRIMMICHI FANS! There'll be some scene between them in the manga! Don't forget: legends never die!
  8. XxBrynhildrxX
    Obviously GrimmIchi is my most favorite pairing ever! LOOOVE IT -nosebleed- My lovely Grimmjow... Anyway, here are some of my favorite pairings:

    AizenIchi Aizen is such a smexy seme <3
    ShinjIchi I'm loving this pairing more everyday

    I'd be here forever listing them all lol Me loves teh Bleach yaoi
  9. Konoe3
    GrimmIchi or GrimmUlqui...actually,anything with Grimmjow's name in it is great :-d
  10. 1fangrl
    My favorite Bleach couples are: Ichigo & Ishida Gin & Kira ! Grimm & Ulqui, Gin & Aizen, Shiro & Ichigo, Renji & Bya....there's so many! I recently read one that I like now & NVER would of though of them together but Renji & Ishida That was HOT! Oppsy! I forgot some...Sorry guys ! I forgot Szayel & Iilfort, & Szayel & Grimmjow. I am sure I have more !
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