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Cosplaying as a male or female ?

  1. yaoimaniacxd
    Yo ! Cause it's kinda empty here, I thought about making a small discussion... Don't take the subject personally xD It's just theoretically speaking : 3
    Lately I found out plenty of gender- bender mangas and I'm already obsessed with 'em ... So here is my question - Would you like to cosplay more as a male character form your fav manga/ anime or female ? ( it's not surprising that guy wears girlish clothes[for cosplays], so please don't offend ... )

    As for me it doesn't really matter. It's all about looking similar to character xD
  2. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    I like to wear more clothing than skin so I have to vote male. Too many scantily clad female characters out there. I think it's great that both guys and girls cross-play. I had a blast at a Mr. and Miss Trap contest at a convention. Some of them made you go "No way! That's a guy/girl!?" Double take city! If it is an awesome cosplay I don't care about gender. I just care that it is an awesome cosplay and whether or not I can get a picture.
    Awesome pictures by the way yaoimaniacxd.
  3. yaoimaniacxd
    hah exactly !
    How come you hit the point <3
    thx a lot
    btw - I feel like coplaying as a guy, but can't choose the proper chara .. < maybe Kuro's butler >
  4. SAMBUS7
    I prefer to cosplay as a guy mainly for the fact that they tend to wear more clothing than the women in the shows. That and they guys almost always are the cooler ones in anime.
  5. Zaiden
    . . . I can only cosplay as guys. Because there is no way i can pull off and female anime or manga Character and i just prefer cosplaying as guys it suits my body type better. That and i hate skirts with a burning passion there are very few females that i have found that i want to cosplay as. One being Masuda from Soul Eater but i cant pull off blond hair.
    Also i think all my friends would freak out if i ever dressed as a female character since i almost never dress like a girl in RL
  6. Skire
    Guys seem easier to cosplay for me, especially since a lot of the male characters I like tend to wear Casual styled clothing, and I can be nice on my wallet and thrift around for their outfits. Females characters on the other hand, tend to have more detailed clothing (At least the ones I actually LIKE) and it limits the amount of things I can buy for cheap.
  7. ShadowYinYang
    Guys are more fun(save the trouble of going through binding). I just cosplay(crossplay) as my favorite characters and since I love video games and shonen anime/manga a lot, I naturally have more male favorite characters.
  8. Fold39Crane
    The male characters strictly now. I used to be able to pull off cute girl characters, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Also, long hair/wigs makes me look more like a drag queen than not; make-up (even done by several professionals) makes me look like a girl-wannabe. Although there is one female character I will forever have my eyes on (Haydee from Gankutsuo). I stay with the guys. And short boyish guys while I'm at it. I wish, but I can't cosplay tall muscular guys (yet? :3 ).
  9. Namsoon
    I don't mind Cosplaying as either male, or female characters. Though I have to say the male, far out weights the female for me. I have to agree with [ Little White Dragon]. Too many female characters, not wearing enough. It's like all of a sudden Artists know, their stuff is being turned into Cosplay, and if they are perverts, LOL Like myself, they want women wearing basically nothing. I think Anime Male's, have cooler outfits, because there is more thought put into them now a days, unlike the female outfits. It's sort of depressing. I miss the 80's, and 90's. LOL

    <- I love Cosplaying as Men.
  10. Remochii
    I don't mind either, but I can safely say most cosplays I have done, whether they be mine or borrowing a friends are male characters, since I tend to cosplay my favorite character and 3/4 times that character is very much male, lol.

    I've cosplayed Naruto, Sasuke (borrowed from a friend), Sora, Roxas (borrowed from a friend), Amu and I have an Itachi and Yuki Cross cosplay myself!
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