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    Convert Scanned Japanese Text into Text File?

    Hope this is the right place to ask.. I know that scanner can convert printed text to a text file so that we can edit the texts. Can it scan Japanese/Chinese characters too? also, is there any program/web to convert printed Japanese characters (scanned image) to text file?

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    You mean like a Japanese OCR program?
    There was a recent update for the web version
    It can now read vertical text (which is effing awesome)

    Free Online OCR

    very high level of accurate output

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    wow!i dont know that theres an online OCR.. thanks for the link!

    i usually use Romaji Translator..if you can type kanji characters you can use it

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    lol, they've been around while
    but they usually only read horizontal texts
    and because the online versions are free the accuracy level's not too great
    all free stuff are that way *sighs*

    BUT that link i gave works real well for something free

    romaji translator...is that a desktop software or online program?
    for translating i usually use google (translate to english and vietnamese and then compare)
    i also have a dictionary with those free japanese dictionary files
    and then there's the windows ime for kanji look-up

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    Not long ago I also want to do this and I found gImageReader which you can download dictionary to make it recognize any language you want. Good point is you don't need internet when you use it.

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    i have used image ocr scanner c# which turn image to text. this scanner will turn foreign language to the language you are using. it is amazing.



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